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Hands off of Latinas - they only will destroy you

Stupid Latino men with IQ 70 - racism against whites from childhood on - Latina also wants to manipulate white men - in case of doubt racist Latina is criminal - boycott Latin "America" because it will be always racist -- Latina women cannot calculate - they can dance and steal, this is the culture of Latina women -- October 2016: case in Lima: criminal student of psychology (!!!) breaking up her studies but lets pay on the scholarship - and even invents additional payments (!) - this behavior is a standard (!) -- November 2016: case in Pucallpa: a woman student likes to "provoke" men in discoteques with groups of women from the front and then steal them from behind -- November 2016: case in Lima: multiple theft from the money bag -- December 2016: case in Lima: woman student (apr. 22) cannot calculate sequences, cannot calculate 3x3 - but gets report marks as a gift (!) - corruption from the first school report on - candidate for stealing - January 2017: Latina women in Europe without criminality respecting the law - Latina women in their house in "their country" with much criminality against men

Report of facts

by Michael Palomino (since 2012)



Stupid Latino men with IQ 70 let manipulate themselves by Latinas

First one has to know the following:

To marry a Latina woman or having a relation with a Latina woman is a big risk because Latinas are trained to manipulate men because Latino men are stuck intellectually on the level of debility (the average is not more than IQ 70). That means that the education in Latin "America" contains disco, sex, alcohol and soccer, but more the big majority of this culture does not want to know.

By the fact that the big majority of Latino men do not reach more than IQ 70, the decisive family questions in Latin "America" are ruled by women and Latino men are so stupid accepting all as long as they get sex and music and alcohol and soccer in tv, more they don't want. This behavior steering men is also copied by the daughters and mothers are training daughters how to steer and to manipulate men.

This behavior can be found above all in those Latino countries where alcohol is legal in the street resp. where is the meaning that drinking alcohol in the street or organizing alcohol festivals all day long would be a "freedom": Cuba, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Peru, but also Bolivia and eventually also Venezuela and Brazil.

And because Latino men are that stupid for all their life and only have an average of intelligence quotient of 65 to 70, and because Latino men nor have any capacity analyzing events, so these "men" are for women only "boys" (chico), "youngsters" (joven) or "fellows" (muchacho) and are also calling them like this, also when they have even passed 70 years of age. That means: The big majority of Latino men is stuck in puberty until they will die - and they like this.

And now this idea of men is also transmitted to white men, also to intellectual developed Europeans and North "Americans".

Add to this: there is harsh racism of Latinos against whites trained from childhood on

Add to this, Latin American culture is that racist against white (Europeans and North "Americans" are all considered as colonialists or as destructive soldiers "gringos"), so this propaganda racism is formed even from childhood on and European and North "American" ALWAYS is considered as SECOND CLASS and MINOR. Who is racist is better. This is the case in the great majority of Latin "American" families, not important in what state, not important in what town. This racism is considered as "culture" and is a "unifying" agent between the Latin "American" countries. Racism unifies.

Until today (2012) Latin "American" culture has not been capable to distinguish colonialists (Spaniards of Colonial times) and destructive soldiers ("American" marines, "gringos") from the intellectual alternative White living the Human Rights. This distinction is not at all wanted either because

-- racism strategy would not function any more
-- the "unifying" agent between the Latin "American" countries would not be any more
-- whites would be considered as equal what is NOT in project in Latin "American" culture until today (2012).

Who are the whites educated in Europe and in North "America"? Only with some alcohol, only partially with soccer mania, disco is only in the disco and the home is quiet for learning, books are a normal mean fostering thinking and intelligence, sexuality generally is well managed, maneuvers and intrigues normally do not function because also the parents can think, criminality rate is low, and many times feelings are well developed playing a music instrument. And what is doing Latina women with this well educated White? Let's see:

Latina wants also manipulate the white European and North "American" - by "custom" against men

When a normal racist Latina is married or in a relationship with a European or North "American" who intellectually is higher developed so this Latina means that he would be also a "stupid man" and wants also to manipulate this European or North "American", as it's her custom. And when this white, intellectually well developed man is defending himself, then this Latina does not know "what happens":

-- "boy", "youngster" or "fellow": there are Latinas meaning that an intellectually developed man from Europe or from North "America" would be also a "boy" (chico), a "youngster" (joven) or a "fellow" (muchacho) who only wants sex, music and soccer and alcohol and who cannot think - and by this she is treating him like a Latino man, Cuban women call him "boy" (chico), Peruvian Latina call him "youngster" (joven) or Ecuadorian Latina call him "fellow" (muchacho)

-- racist rage: there are Latina women who like to make racist inventions against Whites and breaking out into panic not managing their racist rage against Whites any more, because this racist rage against Whites was trained since childhood already, and therefore the European or North "American" man always is attacked without any reason and relations are breaking regularly (stupid Peruvian woman)

-- the White should be catholized: there are Latina women who want to christianize or catholize the European or the North "American", and the whole Latina family is taking part in this "project". That means: colonization should be in the other way round: White man should be extorted to Catholic belief whereas Catholic church in Latin "America" is a European colonialism (this was a stupid Peruvian family and there was also a stupid family in Columbia)

-- persons telling the truth about church are said to be a devil: When I told the truth about Church that Church is eliminating all other cultures and by this is a racist organization, then there were persons calling me a devil (these were a stupid Columbian and a stupid Ecuatorian lady)

-- White is extorted: there are Latina meaning that they are that "strong" with their families that they treat dogs better than the white man respectively the white man is avoided also when he is "candidate for marriage", and therefore it's clear that the marriage is only because of the money (this was a stupid Peruvian family)

-- terrorism with toxic perfumes: there are Latina women meaning that they have to educate their partner for accepting carcinogenic perfumes, and the partner also would have to pay for these perfumes (this was a stupid Peruvian Latina)

-- job does not exist: there are stupid Latina women meaning that they could lie to a white man indicating a job in an enterprise but later it came out that this enterprise does not exist (this was a stupid Peruvian Latina)

-- indication of wrong numbers of children: there are Latina women meaning that they could "get" a white man forgetting who many children they have indicating a wrong number of children or concealing their child first but can be discovered in the Facebook profile thereafter (Columbian Latina, Peruvian Latina)

-- the White should do all: there are Latina women meaning that when they are together with a white than all would come from alone and the woman has not to think any more (Peruvian Latina) but does not tell anything when she is in danger to fall ill and only when a pneumonia is coming out it can be suggested that there was a "hidden" influenza during the whole week before (this was a stupid Peruvian Latina). But when this stupid Peruvian Latina will educate a baby, how will she manage this when she cannot manage her own health yet? So a relation with family perspective was not possible.

-- "exercise" for more tits and bottom: there are Latina women meaning that when they are making "exercise" for more tits or bottom manipulating their body so the chances getting a "better White" would be better, but then it comes the other way round because then the "exercises" are forgotten, then all will be little and slack again and the man does not consider the woman attractive any more resp. the woman has deceived the man deliberately and therefore has "got" the wrong man (this was a stupid Peruvian Latina)

-- always keys lost: there are Latina women meaning that they want to live with a computer or with a laptop, but at the same time they want to live without keys because they were educated in the jungle or in the high mountains (Sierra) without having any keys respectively they always are loosing keys again and again also when they have reached the age of adults, or they simply forget to close windows and doors, also when they are adults. Well, a partnership with such persons is not possible of course when valuable articles like computers or laptops etc. (this was a stupid Peruvian Latina)

-- loosing mobile phones without end: there are Latina women meaning when they loose mobile phones or when the let rob themselves mobile phones their friend will pay her another one, but one of these Latina women was that stupid and let fall the gifted mobile phone into water when she was working with shredded ice - and therefore she never got anything anymore (these were stupid Peruvian Latinas)

-- intentionally in the draft: there are Latina women leaving white men in winter in the draft for sleeping so he is falling ill whereas it would have been common to change the position of the bed in winter (this was a stupid Peruvian Latina)

-- presents are destroyed: there are stupid Latina women receiving gifts from the White but then the presents are destroyed by envious sisters (e.g. furniture) respectively there was a dresser (commode) and the drawers were destroyed intentionally and the big parts were used as washboard at the end (these were stupid Peruvian Latinas) or there were wooden chairs gifted but they were badly treated and never repaired falling into their parts and the parts were used for making fire in the kitchen at the end (these were the same stupid Peruvian Latinas)

And by all these maneuvers the Latinas are destroying the relationships with intellectual developed white men step by step and they are not capable to learn because Latin "American" mentality is a "winner mentality" against the White and this is active until now. That means: At the end Latin American woman will ALWAYS be racist and is shouting "gringo gringo" because this was taught in her childhood already, and because in Latin "America" counts this yet: the more racist against foreigners - the better. It's fun.

In case of doubt: racist Latina woman will be criminal in case of doubt calling for "friends" or even racist police

When in case of doubt it comes hard in a relationship between a stupid Latin "American" Latina and a white, respectively when the white man decides to separate from a Latina racist woman, then it can be that this stupid Latina (for example a stupid Peruvian Latina) is arranging a huge scandal with heavy defamations and is cutting all hairs with the defamation that the white would be "evil" (malo), the white would be a cheater (mentiroso), the white would be a "gringo" or a hard-ass (terco) etc. Thinking or analyzing are not want any more in this situation but this is a pure Latin "American" culture.

And then there come racist Latina girlfriends or racist Latino men helping in the case of doubt against the White defending their racism defaming the White without end and devaluating him, and this propaganda is just normal Latin "American" culture of people of intelligence quotient of 70.

An in the case of doubt - when the location is in Latin "America" - also the whole police is involved against the white European or against the white North "American" and policemen and policewoman (like all Latin "Americans") are manipulated in a racist manner against Whites from childhood on, and therefore also Latin "American" police - when they have low salaries - like to be involved in the "fight against the White" respectively in the "fight against the gringo" collaborating even with criminal gangs (e.g. in Chaparral in Lima), with criminal private secret services etc., and even children and whole schools are manipulated against the White (e.g. Llona school in Miraflores in Lima). This is pure IQ 70 culture. And in this "fight against the gringo" against the intelligent White all criminality is permitted:

-- propaganda with lies and defamations
-- espionage of private life
-- robbery and theft
-- extortions
-- false indications in police reports (e.g. by "Security police" in Miraflores in Lima)

All this is pure Latino IQ 70 culture of madness and there is no right for justice or intelligence. That means this is pure Latino anarchy as it would be life in a pig's house or in a zoo. Latinos are behaving like animals or pigs and Whites are regularly presented as the "evil colonialist" (colon-ialist, persons from Columbus). When the White is a German also the defamation "Heil Hitler" is not missing.

In case of doubt also racist secret service and racist Interpol are involved and the White is persecuted and "watched" in all Latin "America" whereas the facts are others. But the facts are not important for Latin "American" police propaganda because "solidarity" against the White is "culture" respectively is taught from childhood on. The secret services are pursuing the White who is called a "bad" by Latina woman, is pursuing him over the whole continent manipulating regularly the hotel owners against the White with invented erotic stories. By this, Latin "American" secret services are presenting themselves as "interesting" because all what's "erotic" is interesting because porno is forbidden in Latin "America". And logically this culture of racism and persecution is also called "catholic". All is justified with defense of church - but this church is also a main force of colonization.

And therefore step by step the secret services of Latin "America" are rising the atmosphere against certain Whites meaning that this would be "culture" as Latin "Americans" also mean that rape and murder would be "culture" and one cold not do anything about it (e.g. in criminal Peru). But this is not culture at all, but this is anarchy, and police mostly is collaborating with the criminal gangs.

Conclusion: relationships between Latinas and Whites cannot function

All in all it's like this that Latin "American" women are educated in a that racist way against Whites (Europeans and North "Americans") so a mixed partnership cannot hold for a long time, but racism of Latin "American" woman is not manageable and is destroying the relationship regularly.

Therefore all dear men from Europe and North "America" should be warned who mean that they could help to Latin "American" women: that DOES NOT WORK.

Hands off of Latin "American" woman - they only will destroy you.

DON'T be dear accepting this anarchy culture, also when it looks good and erotic first. It will only end in cruelty above all in Peru, in Columbia, in Bolivia, in Ecuador, in Cuba and in Dominican Republic, and also Venezuela and Brazil are not sure. In case of conflict they will treat you like garbage and the white man will be less worth than a dog.

Hands off of primitive Latina women. Because "dear gringos" are not permitted. One cannot form a better world with them but they will always destroy all. This is their education against the White in their childhood.

Boycott racist Latin "America"

Don't give money to Latin "Americans" - they are all racist against Whites. This is their education system. Don't give them anything, go to other worlds which are no anarchy any more. This racist anarchy will only end when a tsunami will destroy all Latin "America".

And one has to know this racism against Whites is also working in any Latino government and justice department. Joran van der Sloot case is not singular claiming a White a murderer who has never murdered.

So, don't give them no money to Latin "American" women, nor to Latin "American" countries, don't help them because Latin "America" will always be racist as long it exists.


Latina women cannot calculate - they can dance and steal, this is the culture of Latina women

Contribution by Michael Palomino, December 18, 2016

It seems a pitty but I can find and confirm again and again the stupidity of South "American" women, e.g. women who cannot calculate but they can steal well.

I can show you persons for proof in the case of the case showing you what Latin "American" women are doing with their racism against foreigners in combination with their incapability of thinking and calculating.

There are proofs that women in Peru CANNOT calculate the sequences, thus they can calculate 2+2 just right, but 3x3 is already too much. Mental calculation is not exercised resp. does not happen at all.

Do you want proofs, so write me your name, address, telephone etc. It's DRAMATIC how the Catholic Latin "America" is going on adoring people who can cite the Bible BY HEART but this people CANNOT calculate.

This is the BASIC PROBLEM. For solving this problem no big tits will have an effect, no erotic dance and no good sex will have an effect, but these women are TOUGHT by the Minstry of Education NOT TO LEARN ANYTHING.

I really had expected it rather better! But it was not like this, but it was just the other way round: truth is cruel for women in South "America": they don't learn the sequences, not even 3x3 which is the precondition for calculation of fraction, the rule of three and calculations of percentages. And therefore these people in Latin "America" remain "sitting" on their Bible and mean that this would be wisdom - but it's another fake: also Biblie is a lie, Roman Empire is a lie, and also Quran and Talmud are lies.

The governments in Latin "America" can hardly calculate either with the exception of Chile perhaps. Why should they calculate? The numbers are just Arab and are not part of "America".

And because most of Latina women only can dance and sex but cannot calculate and cannot acknowledge what men are calculating, projecting and working so the Latina women are stealing the men then, they are stealing above all the foreigners because these foreigners will leave soon and "nothing happens" when they are stolen - that's the way the normal crazy stupid Latina women think.

October 2016: case in Lima: criminal student of psychology (!!!) breaking up her studies but lets pay on the scholarship - and even invents additional payments (!) - this behavior is a standard (!)

A woman student (21 years) is breaking up her studies of psychology clandestinely after 2 years (!!!) after she had begun a work at McDonald, but she lets gon on the payments of scholarship accumulating the funds at a secret spot and is spending it partly for festivities with her new "girlfriends" she has at McDonald. It seems that this woman student lost all control when she entered at McDonald and is giving up her studies project. At her family and at the scholarshop payer she is faking that she would go on visiting the university and she even INVENTS more reasons for payments: first an excursion from McDonalds from Lima to Ayacucho for all in all 500 soles but this was a payed family trip; then she invented an inscription and a 1 month payment of an English course at the "British Institute" for 450 soles;

The next inventions were detected all only in October 2016: extra courses: 300 soles; elegant clothes for an exhibition which never was: 150 soles; books for the new trimester in October which never was: 300 soles, etc. etc.

After much of time when the student never wanted to tell what she learnt and when she recommended not to come to the exhibition a general control was needed. In October 2016 at UPN University in Los Olivos in Lima it turned out at the payment desk that this woman student hat secretly left this university at April 29, 2016, already and the last month of payment was missing. When I asked if this behavior faking studies breaking up secretly the studies for making cash with a faked scholarship betraying teh own family would be a standard the employee at the payment desk reported me that this behavior was chosen by many woman students "doing" so betraying their parents. Thus this tiefy criminal mentality of the Peruvian woman student was NOT a single case in Lima.

All in all the tiefy trick of young criminal Latin "American" women - in this case it is a Peruvian woman in Lima - is this one: the "student" is registring at an expensive private university, is leaving secretly and is making cash with the scholarship then. This is THE PROJECT FROM THE BEGINNING. With this many young Latin "American" women are committing a calculated high grades thiefy criminality and the parents and families DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA OF IT - until there is never coming any diploma and the student is "disappearing" sometimes - or a fake diploma will come which the parents cannot detect.

Hands off from Latina women - they are even instructed by their families to steal! The tricks for stealing are WITHOUT END and are unimaginable for Europeans.

November 2016: case in Pucallpa: a woman student likes to "provoke" men in discoteques with groups of women from the front and then steal them from behind

During a visit in the region of Pucallpa because of natural medicine an adult daughter of the natural healer (a woman student of the „Instituto Tecnologico de Ucayali ITU“ in Pucallpa) told me what to her and to her girlfriends would please most in life: robbing men in discoteques: two women attack their victim from the front exciting him, and from behind other two women come and steal the man who is not making attention any more what is happening around him.

THIS was not telling me a pubertal 13 years old girl which has no life experience yet, but this was telling me A 20 YEARS OLD WOMAN STUDENT (birthday June 27, 1996), thus this was a person who should count later to the elite of the country.

Hands off from Latina women - they are even instructed by their families to steal! The tricks for stealing are WITHOUT END and are unimaginable for Europeans.

November 2016: case in Lima: multiple theft from the money bag

Having a Latina woman as a guest at home leaving her out of control for a moment this is a danger for the money in the money bag. This theft happened SOMEtimes. Culture of stealing of money from money bags is well developed with criminal Latina women for being aplicated against men. At the end the criminal Latina woman can always state that whe had not been it because there are no proofs.

This happened for example with a future nurse which had stolen also her boss of her job as a sandwich seller and therefore she had been dismissed. Short sight of these latina women seems to be really short sight.

Thus it counts always this:

Hands off from Latina women - they are even instructed by their families to steal! The tricks for stealing are WITHOUT END and are unimaginable for Europeans. Latina women are only garbage.

December 2016: case in Lima: woman student (apr. 22) cannot calculate sequences, cannot calculate 3x3 - but gets report marks as a gift (!) - corruption from the first school report on - candidate for stealing

A student friend in my course since November 2016 cannot calculate, can nor fractions, nor rule of thee, nor interest calculations, and practicing with her it comes out: this woman student cannot even the sequences. The woman student was not ready either to take private coaching lessons because this would hurt her pride as it seems. And therefore after 1 month of course is was like this in mathematics that the final exam for her was 0 points - but also this result does not provoke the woman student to take private coaching because it seems that the word "private coaching" does not exist in Lima.

Well, when the situation is like this there is only a little step that this woman who cannot calculate will become a thief. Because she really does not want to learn calculate as it seems, but she wants only get the report marks as a GIFT from the nice "Catholic" teachers hoping for more gift by making beautiful eyes and nice smiles. Thus this is "Catholic" economy from the first school report on!


Latina woman in Europe without criminality respecting the law - Latina woman in their house in "their country" with much criminality against men

There is an important difference how the Latina women are behaving in Latin "America" and in Europe - and the Europeans don't know this:

"To dance" for example for Latina women in Latin "America" does often NOT signify "to dance" but to manipulate and to rob men - which I have never seen in Europe in Latino discoteques with Latina women.

And "to love" for Latina women in Latin "America" does NOT mean "to love" but to live with a man and rob the man - which was not like this in Europe living with a Latina woman in Europe.

And "courses in education" for Latina women in Latin "America" does NOT mean to have "courses in education" but many are faking the courses and are making party with the money from the man - which I did not see in Europe when I gave money for "courses in education" in Europe to Latina women.

And there are always more and more experiences - for example there is a woman in Lima which cannot calculate and has 0 points in mathematics but the teachers give her 12 points in the school report instead of teaching her well but she also does not allow to be teached.

I never wanted to have these experiences, but the Latina women ARE LIKE THIS. Many Latina women in "their country" are behaving like pigs, like thieves, are playing with men, are betraying them, and they feel well with it laughing them when men are in bad circumstances etc. I saw all this with my own eyes.


The most important fact is that justice in the Latin "American" countries is that corrupt and faked so there is any racism and maneuvers allowed as "tradition" instead of correcting the population's behavior developing a neutral and tolerant society.

For example justice should prohibit the fantasy Bible and prohibit the fantasy Church as colonialism and should protect the original cultures and should prohibit any mission and should force the missioners and bishops of the gay Vatican to leave "America". From this step we are far away yet but this would be the way to a mentally healthy existence liberating themselves from this eternal esquizofrenia in Latin "America" concerning life between men and women.