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Note: Columbia

3 weeks in Columbia in April 2012: How Columbian government is organizing poverty and forming of criminal gangs and of guerrilla


by Michael Palomino (2012 - and news)



Columbia is a rich country

-- there are many rivers for electric power plants
-- the whole country has well ordered rainy seasons and there is no dry season but there is much fertile soil for a good agriculture
-- Columbia has many mines with gold and silver
-- Columbia has different climate zones and has got a corresponding richness of plants, fruits and vegetables
-- many main roads are in a good shape - but not in the mountains
-- many towns in Columbia have installed a fast bus system to connect better it's population
-- many hotels in Columbia have Internet, also cheap hotels (not so e.g. in Venezuela and in criminal Peru)
-- Columbia has children funds, but poor people don't know about it and don't know where one could get it. One has to apply for it in the mayor's office (alcalde).

But Columbia is a poor country, because Columbian government is doing all so the population stays poor and is suffering frustration and criminality.

Daily defects in Columbia

-- water: water is not drinkable in Columbia and by this the population has to purchase every liter of mineral water and does not know the simple preparation of water in sun light by ultraviolet radiation (12 hours in the sun light is killing the bacterias)

-- electric power failures: Columbia is a country with chronic power failures and the consequences are huge:
oo enterprises with machinery are stopping again and again
oo certain electronic devices suffer heavy damages and have to be replaced, so money is missing in other places - and the prices are rising

-- always plays with tension of power: Columbia's electric power plants are "playing" consequently with the tension of power reducing the tension of power at 9:30 pm by the half with the consequence that the Internet WiFi signal is not strong enough any more and many Internet connections are breaking up. This play with tension of power could also be observed in corrupt Peru.

-- also many failures of Internet signal: Also Columbia's Internet system is suffering complete failures again and again blocking the population from Internet connections.

-- there is not coming the complete Internet signal: It could be observed in Columbia that wireless Internet could not function also with an additional antenna whereas the Computer indicated a complete Internet connection and full Internet signal.

Food in Columbia

-- fruits cost much: good fruits like apples and raisins are imported from Chile and therefore have a high price, and it seems that Columbian agriculture is not working hard for good apples or raisin etc., and apples or sweet raisins from Peru with only the half of the way of transportation could not be detected. A seller told that Columbian raisins would be sour and hardly would be sold, and in Columbia apples would not grow. I did not believe this. But by this Columbian food is limited with rice, vegetables and meat and precious fruits are only eaten by upper class. But perhaps there is another reason: Fruit sellers have more profit selling precious Chilean fruits.

Another day I could purchase Columbian raisins. They were sweet but they were not very resistant and were rotten in two days with big holes.

-- hardly any banana in the streets: It seems strange but cheap banana hardly is offered in the street stands (nor in Popayan nor in Cartagena there were bananas to purchase in the street), but cheap banana are mostly offered in the super markets in Columbia. Perhaps the fruit sellers really make more profit with imported precious fruits from Chile.

Also in Columbia (as in Venezuela and in Central and Northern Ecuador) there is the military manner of the sellers and women sellers handling the client with the shout "to the order" ("a la orden") provoking the public for more sales - it's a cruel psycho terrorism.

Student's life in Columbia

-- university tuition fees: The fee for visiting university is absolutely high for Columbian conditions (500 dollars for 6 months compared with 200 dollars month's income)

-- university tuition fees are rising every year of study: Add to this in Columbia it's like this that the tuition fees are rising every year of study which has not at all a stimulating effect to finish the studies, but this system hinders in many cases to finish the studies respectively is rejecting many people from any study in university. This means: This system of tuition fees in Columbia is a sadistic governmental system, and the probably corrupt upper class does not want to be bothered by newcomers. This system of rising tuition fees in every year of study is a clear proof that the government in Columbia and Columbian upper class really want that the poor stay poor - and nothing more. In no other country I saw a this perverse system of university tuition fees which are rising in every year of study.

-- hardly any content of study: It seems that in Columbian universities there is almost nothing to learn in sociology, because if so poverty had been eliminated already since decades.

-- no scholarships in Columbia: According to indications of Columbian population there are no scholarships in Columbia, and studying is only possible for families of managers, of statal employees or of hotel owners. But scholarships give it's profit to the state because people having finished studies will pay higher taxes and are giving back the scholarship in any case.

Pensions and psychological health are missing

-- widow's pension: Columbia has no widow rent, and therefore life for widows with children is a horror in Columbia, and by the high killing quota and guerrilla activity there are many widows in Columbia...

-- psychotherapy is not payed: psychotherapy has to be payed by private money in Colombia, and people who have to go to a psychotherapy for getting order with their energies in a positive and constructive way have no money for this (the same is in corrupt Peru)

-- the principle of "Christian" European virginity: Columbian state means that this state would be "Catholic" (which principally is an element of "Christian" colonialism), but this "Catholic" state is preaching until today the principle of virginity (like in corrupt Peru and in Ecuador), and instead to teach youth about sexuality (functions, prevention and schooling in responsibility) youth is not at all informed but the principle of virginity is preached. This is provoking frustration and uncontrollable compensative action with forming of gangs respectively women in Columbia have no rights at the end and even women commerce is developing. Church as the principle cause of psycho terrorism in youth is not detected, and it's not detected either that in Bible times the girls married since their menarche and had children because in Bible times the terms "youth" or "puberty" did not exist yet. Therefore it would be the task of Columbian state to organize youth's sexuality because when sexuality exists one cannot forbid sex, and if so there will be frustration and compensation actions until criminality. "Christian" European principle of virginity has gone for a long time already.

-- no teaching about prevention from getting a child: Columbian state (as also corrupt Peru) avoids teaching of sexuality or prevention from getting a child, and therefore there are many cases of not wanted pregnancy in Columbia or there are many children where principally two children would be the maximum of financial possibilities.

Above all hormone rods and vagina rings (latter are missing until today in South "America"!!!) are methods of prevention with only little side effects.

-- "free" rents and hotels cost much in Columbia: Rents and hotel prices in Columbia are for the Columbian population very high. Rents often cost the half of the salary. And one night for a couple in a simple, cheap hotel costs 50,000 pesos (25 dollars) already, and this is hardly affordable for a Columbian couple. At the same time many Columbian families forbid youth love, visits are not permitted, and young adults also stay at home because rents are that high, and therefore sexuality is happening in the street, in parks or on river sides - or there is only clandestine masturbation in the own bed alone. Therefore high hotel prices are one more element of the general frustration of the poor in Columbia (in corrupt Peru hotels are cheaper and there is less frustration of love there, but there is enough frustration because of other reasons yet).

-- high unemployment: Add to this Columbian government is not willing to organize enough work whereas there could be organized a lot in this country. But as long as the government only takes the airplane there is not happening anything. And therefore the wages are low, the unemployment is high, and frustration of the poor is always more and more.

All these facts are leading to poverty. It's really like this that the regime in Columbia is governing like the one in Peru. They are copies of Colonial governments governing their own populations. Of the social progresses there was not introduced anything. And therefore Columbian and Peruvian governments are provoking an enormous frustration in the poor population. But add to this Columbian state is cashing taxes using the tax money for "another" thing: 75% of statal taxes are for the army. By this huge frustration there is formation of gangs and even of guerrilla armies in Columbia - and instead of fighting for rights and pensions installing a financial balance the criminals invent new espionage and theft methods (this counts for Columbia and for Peru in the same way).

Factors in Columbia provoking poverty and criminality

Eternal poverty provoking guerrilla activities - and guerrilla is provoking new poverty again - vicious circle

-- envy against little and rich upper class respectively eternal poverty without emancipation of rights, education, books, schooling and leisure of activities provokes a huge frustration in youth provoking formation of gangs for criminality and thefts

-- "Christian" church with it's Jewish gringo "Jesus" which is not competent for "America", in combination with the European Catholic "Christian" dogma of virginity up to the adult age respectively up to "marriage" is provoking envy and criminality and forming of gangs of young men "organizing" girls, also provoking prostitution by women, overcoming the inhuman dogma of virginity and poverty

-- this formation of gangs in Columbia is well developed up to the formation of guerrilla partisan armies (in Columbia there are four guerrilla armies, in Peru there is one)

-- Columbian government is not taking measures against poverty and against European Catholic "Christian" dogma of virginity, and therefore guerrilla partisan armies in the countries get always new people respectively youth of poor families are lured to guerrilla with financial promises getting wages for killing actions, for extortion and even for the destruction of complete villages displacing whole populations

-- when guerrilla partisan armies are destroying complete villages displacing whole populations from a certain region, this guerrilla is provoking new poverty and there is more poverty than before because the displaced persons don't know where to go fleeing to the big towns forming new poor districts (favelas)

-- Columbian government lets the poor districts without help, and therefore there is new formation of criminal gangs in the newly formed poor districts, and at the end there is formed a new guerrilla partisan army eventually.

It seems that Columbian government does not know about this vicious circle of forming gangs and guerrilla by poverty, but Columbian government is fighting guerrilla partisan armies with a "National Army" - but this hardly does not make any sense because poverty in the country is not less by that but the money which would be for a good water supply, for science and for poors and for students, this money is all in the National Army. And therefore the Columbian government is supporting this vicious circle of formation of always more and more criminality and Columbian population will come to a point not knowing any more where to live in this country.

Extreme facts about Columbian criminality - soccer is NO therapy - corrupt police - archaeological museum free for tourists?

There are even radical Columbian killers "working" as killers abroad killing Ecuadorians in Ecuador. And Columbian government has no law until today for a widow's pension, and psychological treatment is not for free until today reducing criminality. It's simply like this: Playing soccer is NO therapy, Mr. President. Because also soccer fans are killing each other, and by this the fact is proven: Soccer is NO therapy. But it's clearly like this that playing soccer is a step for forming gangs!!! This counts for Columbia and also for criminal Peru. Peace has to be in the head and not with soccer goals. This the presidents have to learn instead giving out their propaganda that criminality would be in all the world. Murder rate in Germany is only 5% of murder rate of Columbia... (see the article "Mord" in German Wikipedia).

Ah yes, there is this yet: It's logic that there are not many psychologist in the country when studying psychology costs a university tuition fee of over 500 dollars every 6 months, Mr. President of Columbia!

And police in Columbia with their low wages are vulnerable for corruption "working" resp. collaborating partially with the criminal gangs: There is made out a certain time when police will be not present in the street, during this time the robbery in a house is executed and during a next meeting the pray is parted or the share is given to the police. Therefore, Police is working against the well situated population committing allays criminalities and arbitrary law (this can be observed also in criminal Peru, not in Ecuador any more because Police wages rose there).

At the other hand I don't understand why archaeological museums in Columbia are free for tourists because with this money one could do many good things - for example finance widow's pensions, scholarships or psychotherapy for free, or one could finance a bed and a shower to the poor who are in the streets until they found work. It's simply like this that the governments of Columbia and of Peru are simply stuck in their rebellion against Europe - an official and general rebellion against "gringo" - and this eternal rebellion is hindering the installation of good institutions as they were developed and introduced in Europe about 100 years ago by Socialist political parties.

Architecture and traffic measures can make a good impression and bring some work for population, but all in all there is not more peace in the country because the problem of the missing teaching and the missing mental schooling and of the missing financial balance is NOT solved by architecture or traffic measures.

All in all one can even presume that the criminal governments of Columbia and Peru consider criminality as "normal" and are even laughing about their victims - and by this the fact of criminality is declared as "culture". Criminal governments of Columbia and of Peru are making their "jokes" about criminality and mean that there would be no life without criminality... THESE ARE PIGS, AND THEY STAY TO BE PIGS.

But one time there will be an end when nobody can live in a safe way any more, and in Columbia and in Peru the development is already like this...

Traffic in Columbia

-- all in all traffic in Columbia is not aggressive, but taxi drivers are often honking against pedestrians or also against houses (e.g. in Cartagena) copying the Peruvian "system" of honking terrorism against population

-- Columbia's architects developed many measures in the traffic system

-- Columbian government systematically let destroy the railway system and there is practically no train any more

-- until today Columbian government has not constructed efficient ways of traffic crossing the hills with big motorways in big serpentines and with tunnels. But 40 tons lorries are passing the old trails until today with many curves and with narrow serpentines where mail coaches with horses were circulating before. These many curves and serpentines have the consequence that there is hardly any possibility to pass / overtake and this is an enormous mental charge for the drivers provoking accidents.

But members of government in Columbia never take any bus but always take the airplane, and therefore the government does not know what is going on in Columbian streets.

-- there is bicycle traffic and there are bicycle taxis on the Caribbean coastline, but this is only a weak hope considering the faults of Columbian policy remaining the poor in poverty and letting destroy the railway system.

Alcohol in Columbia: drunken every day and night

Until today (2012) Columbia does NOT have any law limiting alcohol consumption in the streets. Therefore there are certain groups of men until today drinking and being drunk in the streets or in the town's centers on squares without limits. Can be that there are also fights and passerbys have to fear for their life when someone of the beating members has got a weapon. This could be observed e.g. in Cartagena in the town's center in the district of Getsemani. These drunken people are mostly artisans spending their daily wages for alcohol leaving their families in poverty. Traditional drinkers are not limited but the authorities and Police is simply accepting this alcoholic terrorism waiting that some of the drinkers will die. Some of the drunken people even are sleeping on the sidewalks and this is like an invasion of the town's center and Columbian Police is not doing anything against it. This was like this in March 2012 in Cartagena.

Limitation of alcohol sales do not exist in Columbia, but according to the information of Police consumption of alcohol is considered as a part of "liberty" to be drunk and to terrorize and to threat other people, e.g. in the center of Cartagena.

Police in Columbia gets even it's profit of these drunken circumstances because they have more work controlling more the streets where tourists could be affected. General population is left with this psycho terrorism of the drunk. In the far districts there are festivals of drunken people regularly organized on Saturdays and Sundays during the weekend. It seems that this also pleases to the Columbian President and he is not doing anything about it.

Terrorism of the drunk in Columbia

A little analysis of the "liberties" in Columbia brings out the following basic conflict between alcohol addicted people and Christian fanatics: both groups are fighting each other and mean that they have a "freedom".

Columbia is a state of alcoholics. "Freedom" for Columbians is to drink, to dance, having sex and that's it. The rest is not important - but this is not all:

Terrorism of alcoholism is an eternal element in the street, during day and night, and is celebrated as "freedom". But with every bottle of beer Columbia is loosing a certain quantity of brain cells (neurones).

The alcoholics of Columbia will not learn anything also when they would be beaten because: When there is no brain there will be no capacity of learning either.

By this permitted alcoholism in Columbia the conflicts and above all senility is fostered. At the end these drinkers are not alcoholics any more but they are half dead bodies and nursing cases who not only gave out the money for alcohol but they are charging their families at the end being a nursing case.

These gangs of alcoholics who are permitted to consume alcohol in the street without limits until they fall, these gangs have no capacity of learning any more. That means that principally there is no capacity of learning in whole Columbia any more but the brains are systematically destroyed by alcohol. Alcoholics see the world only in Black and White and don't see the middle course of the solution.

Now one has to consider that there is missing any knowledge in sociology and psychology and therefore whole Columbia remains without capacity of learning and without integrated thinking. Columbian government which probably is alcoholized also only sees solutions in Black and White and does not see solutions of the middle course. That's why there is poverty and that's why that guerrilla organizations can be formed - like in criminal Peru. Unfortunately these two criminal states, Columbia and Peru, have much in common referring to the wanted stultification of the population.

Christian fanatics in Columbia

Christian fanatics want to convert the alcoholics to the Jew "Jesus" whereas this Jew is only competent for Jews and never has been in South "America". There is an eternal war between alcoholics and Christian fanatics. The middle course of live with health and Human Rights with responsibility is not detected, and that's why both side are destroying as much as they can.

Both extreme groups, the alcoholics and the Christian fanatics, don't know what is the focus of life and don't know what is giving help.

Peeper's Police in Columbia

At the same time there is an absolute peeper's Police and also Peeper taxi drivers exist, also provoked by alcohol because when a brain is damaged by alcohol, so the brain cannot develop solutions any more and is looking for solutions damaging the other.

Peeper's Police in Columbia is present on almost every second corner and therefore a free life in Columbia is not possible.

And this peeper's Police in Columbia indicated regularly that a daily consumption of alcohol in the streets would be one of the "freedoms" of Columbia. In fact a most destructive policy is not possible - and to Columbia's government it does not seem important how much brain is lost by alcohol consumption every day. It's a scandal.

TV terrorism by Columbians every day and night

In little hotels it cold be observed that Columbian guests have a TV consumption which is similar to poor and wild Peruvians. TV terrorism is beginning on 6 o'clock in the morning and is finishing only at 11 or 12 pm on midnight. This was not only like this with young couples, but these were also Columbian "businessmen".

Much behavior of Columbians is the same as the behavior of wild Peruvians. Concerning TV consumption is seems that many Columbians mean that there would be only "life in the house" when there is a TV working with full volume.

The only thing missing comparing with wild and criminal Peruvians is sleeping with loud TV. This habit could not be observed in Columbia. TV was shut down regularly between 11 respectively 12 pm and 6 am.

All in all there is the conclusion that Columbians only sleep 6 hours per day. It's proved that this is not enough for having a concentrated work.

Columbian men and women do not appreciate each other - forced education for European Gringo Bible - no independence from Europe

Personal mutual behavior of Columbian men to Columbian women is absolutely strange and there are many devaluations every day.

-- many men in Columbia leave their women and children celebrating their "freedom" with alcohol instead of recognizing their role to be a father supporting their families. It seems that many men in Columbia don't know at all what a "father" is

-- but many women in Columbia do not fight for more women's rights and do not fight for more intelligence of men because there was NO emancipation movement in Latin "America"; but women in Columbia are "devaluating" men every day with sayings resp. they call also 40 years old men as "boys" ("chicos") with the secret rating that these men called "boys" cannot do any good thing and only women themselves would do "good" things. This behavior of crazy women can also be found in Cuba and corresponds to the devaluation of men in Ecuador or in criminal Peru where men are called "youngster" ("joven") also when they have 40 years already...

All in all in Columbian society - as also in societies of Cuba and of Ecuador and in criminal Peru - criminal prejudices are dominating the relations of sexes instead of a basic communication and collaboration. And that's why that men are often spending the money for drinking, and that women like more to be poor instead of collaborating with men, because men are more and more incalculable by alcohol. That means, both, man and women in Columbia, are stuck in their rebellion against European social and psychological science. And like this it is also in criminal Peru.

Many of the suffering women take as compensation the Jewish "Christian" criminal religion stating that there is only one "God" and this "God" would be a "Father" - and this will be the replaced father then. Instead of installing an emancipation and an education for men there is an extremization and forming gangs of drinkers and "Christian" women going to churches with the fantasy of a "Christian" "God". This Columbian "Christian" mother who only has got one book at home (Gringo Bible), will educate their children also as "fighters for god" and therefore any emancipation and analysis of general cultural connections world wide is blocked - because all what is not "Christian" is declared to be from the "devil". This extremist behavior could be observed not only in Columbia but also in Ecuador and above all in criminal Peru. But this Bible book is not recognized as the cause of brute European colonialism. And it's not recognized that this Bible book principally only counts for Jewry. And it's not recognized that this Latin "America" should principally be decolonized installing a new consciousness of a tolerant world with the own ethnic groups and religions. All this is concealed. But there is the contrary: Stupid women and European Gringo Bible mean that also men should be evangelized and recolonized...

This Gringo Bible manipulation and the call that there would be a "devil" can be found in Latin "America" up to the upper upper class (house owners, managers) and up to the secret services (corrupt Interpol) - without possibility of any emancipation or of an integral education. By all this Latin "America" remains absolutely colonized by Rome AND NOT AT ALL IS INDEPENDENT - AS MANY NAMES OF STREETS AND AVENUES ARE INDICATING.

By these facts Columbian society is remaining mentally poor and they are blocking themselves - as in criminal Peru and partly also in Ecuador - with drinkers and with "boys" ("chicos") and with "modest" women as "fighters for the Bible" - and Columbian politics are not doing anything about it but upper class is often feeling even elected celebrating also this Jewish Gringo Bible which principally should not at all exist on this "American" continent. Other ethnic groups are tolerated but their culture is never presented or analyzed and never copied. Natives are treated by "Christians" as if these natives would be "third class" or even damned by "devil" (officially they have rights, but they are allays damned).

This it the truth about the damned South "America" with the crazy European Jewish Bible and with racist upper class. THERE IS NO INDEPENDENCE FROM EUROPE!!!

But corrupt Interpol in Latin "America" does not want to know this - with the exception of Socialist countries of Cuba and Venezuela limiting crazy Church with their Jewry. IN all the other countries of Latin "America" there is missing this decolonization part 2: elimination of crazy Church and installation of rites of primary nations on the continent as statal religion. Only then independence from Europe will be completed.

That means: help of development for these "Christian" extremist countries like Columbia, Ecuador and Peru principally is for nothing, but humans there are blocking each other. First, Colonialist Jewish Gringo Church has to be eliminated and logic spirit of social thinking has to be installed before any help will have an effect there.

Natives of Columbia

At the same time natives of Columbia are living there with a variety of cultures and religions, but there are also big problems with the teeth - similar to the jungle population in criminal Peru. Simply nobody does take them earnest...


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Colombia 23.1.2020: The city of Teyuna from the Tayrona - left alone without connection:
Colombia's “lost city”, much older than Machu Picchu
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Source: https://www.ufo-spain.com/2020/01/20/ciudad-perdida-colombia-mucho-mas-antigua-machu-picchu/


<Deep in the jungle of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in Colombia is a mysterious "Lost City".

The archaeological site built by the Tayrona over 1,000 years ago only became an attraction after it was discovered in the 1970s.

The Tayrona natives called this town Teyuna, but since it was rediscovered it's called Lost City and this old wonder is compared with Machu Picchu as both towns are built on slopes and in the rainforest of South "America".

But Teyuna is more than 600 years older than the Peruvian counterpart, and there are no trains or buses for performing simple trips to the ruins.

In the middle of teh 17th century, Tayrona had to leave their settlement and most of their traces was swallowed by the jungle.

The ancient city consists of a series of 169 terraces carved on the mountain slope. One of the terraces of the Lost City is nine hundred square meters.

The lost city also has a network of mosaic streets and several circular squares. It is also home to a huge rock with mysterious carvings. It is believed that the rock was used as a star map.

This city was rediscovered in 1972 when adventurers and treasure hunters came across a series of stone steps that climbed the mountain. They called the city "Green Hell" or "Wide Angle".

Soon afterwards, several precious artifacts, mostly made of gold, appeared on the black market in several countries, and official archaeologists came to the site in 1976.

They completed the city's renovation between 1976 and 1982 and documented most of the buildings.

Today "The Lost City" is one of the largest pre-Columbian cities discovered in America and is the focus of the most popular multi-day walk in Colombia.>