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Cusco (Cuzco): Accommodation

Hotels and hostels in Cusco

presented by Michael Palomino (2008)



from: Dilwyn Jenkins: The rough guide to Peru; Rough Guides, New York London, Delhi; 6th edition September 2006; www.roughguides.com

Hotel styles

[Telephone dialing code for Cusco is 084, international 0051-84].

The city's accommodation can be found in three main zones: east, west and south of the Plaza de Armas. To the west of the Plaza along calles Plateros, Procuradores and Saphi (Procuradores and Plateros are particularly noisy at night) there are plenty of busy budget hostels. You can find slightly pricier and more luxurious locations in the area east of the Plaza around San Blas and Choquechaca in the artists' quarter.

To the south of the Plaza, the San Pedro region around the Central Market and near to the train station for Machu Picchu has improved its facilities in recent years, now offering comfortable and safe accommodation. Closer to the plaza, along Calle Quera and around Avenida Sol, more and varied accommodation can be found.

There are relatively inexpensive and reasonable mid-range hostels and hotels in most corners of the city. Cusco also offers a variety of architectural environments to choose from, ranging mainly between Inca- and colonial-style constructions, or combinations of the two (p.250).

Hotels in Cusco West of Plaza de Armas

Hostal Caceres
Calle Plateros 268, Cusco, T. 232616 or 228012

A popular travelers' hangout, half a block from the Plaza de Armas. It has a courtyard and is within a stone's throw of most of Cusco's best bars and cafés. Rooms are simple and unpretentious, many being shared dorms. You may have to request hot water in your room.

Hostal Familiar
Calle Saphi 661, Cusco, T. 084-239353
This quiet and safe hostel is one of Cusco's best budget options (it's wise to reserve in advance). Rooms are spartan and can be chilly at night, though the hotel supplies plenty of blankets. There's usually hot water in the mornings and rooms are available with or without private bath (in which case showers are communal). Good breakfasts are served in the café, plus there's a free safety deposit box, a cheap left-luggage system and a laundry service.

Hostal Tumi
[Jirón] Siete Cuartones 245, Cusco, T. 084-244413
Just off Plateros and a little way up from Iglesia Santa Teresa, this place is popular with young travelers, quite central, has a spacious courtyard, plain bedrooms, shared bathrooms, access to a kitchen and a notice board.

Hotel Cusco
[Jirón] Heladeros 150, Cusco, T. 084-224821, 221811, or 222961, Fax 222832

Recently refurbished, this central hotel has conference rooms and a popular restaurant and bar that's a traditional meeting place for Cusco elite as well as travelers. Rooms are comfortable with all of the modern conveniences, including private bathroom, TV and telephone.

Hotel Marqueses
Calle Garcilaso 256, Cusco, Tl. 084-257819, Fax 257819

A splendid and sumptuous hotel now under new management, in an omate [?] colonial-style building with fine period furnishings. Safe boxes and laundry are available.

Hotel Picoaga
-- in Cusco: [Jirón] Santa Teresa 334, Cusco, T. 227691, Fax 221246, e-mail: picoaga@terra.com.pe
-- in Lima: T. 01-242 8488, Fax 444 3181

A first-class hotel in one of Cusco's finest colonial mansions, close to the heart of the city. Service is excellent, and the hotel also has a bar and quality restaurant (p.250).

Hotel El Rosal - Hogar El San Pedro
Calle Cascaparo 116, next to the Machu Picchu train station, San Pedro, Cusco, T. 084-257536, Fax 227849

A newish hotel, very clean and with all modern conveniences including private bathrooms, cable TV, heating and a cafeteria (p.250-251).

Hotel Royal Inca I
Plaza Regocijo 299, Cusco, 084-231067 or 222284, Fax 234221

A fairly luxurious hotel (which has a more expensive sister hotel - Royal Inca II - next door) with a sauna and massage rooms. Very popular with upmarket package travelers.

Plaza de Armas Hostal
Portal Manats y Comercio 114, Plaza de Armas, Cusco, T. 084-231709, Fax 247130, e-mail: hostal_plaza@terra.com.pe

As central as possible, on the corner of the plaza, this hotel is friendly and very safe. Rooms feature private bathrooms and cable TV. Price includes breakfast.

San Pedro Plaza
Calle Chaparro 121, Cusco, T. 084-432590, Fax 432590

A slightly shabby hostel close to the Machu Picchu train station, it is nevertheless quite, clean and a friendly family-run place. Rooms are available with or without TV and private bathroom.

Hotels in Cusco East of Plaza de Armas

Amaru Hostal
[Jirón] Cuesta San Blas 541, T./Fax 084-225933, e-mail: amaruhostal@speedy.com.pe

There's a pleasant colonial feel here, with a lovely garden patio at its center and another out back with views over town. There are laundry, safety deposit and left-luggage facilities, plus bottled oxygen. Service is very good, some rooms are old and stylish, while those in the back by the patio are newer but less interesting, most with private bath.

Casa de Campo
[Jirón] Tandapata 296b, T. 084-244404, Fax 243069, e-mail: info@hotelcasadecampo.com

Attractive rooms and cabins (best booked in advance) with great views of the city from its large patio-garden. Its quiet, pleasant location on the upper edge of Cusco is dauntingly high for your first couple of days, so take a taxi to avoid exhaustion or altitude sickness. They offer combined accommodation and language-school courses with the AMAUTA language school. Ten percent discount to holders of the Rough Guide Peru and members of the South American Explorers' Club.

Hospedaje Acosta
Calle Choquechaca 124, Cusco, T. 084-249995

Only small rooms in this tucked-away but quite central place; very plain but friendly and with a communal gas cooker.

Hospedaje El Arcano
[Jirón] Carmen Alto 288, Cusco, T. 084-244037, Fax 232703

A pleasant family-run hostel on the edge of the attractive San Blas area with a reliable hot-water system, laundry, family-sized rooms (accommodating 4-5 people) and a comfortable lounge. Rooms come with or without private bath.

Hospedaje Familiar Casa Grande
[Jirón] Santa Catalina Ancha 353, T. 084-264156, Fax 243784

Large, centrally located hotel with an open courtyard, some newly furbished rooms as well as more basic ones, with or without bathrooms.

Hospedaje Turistico San Blas
[Jirón] Cuest San Blas 326, T. 084-225781, e-mail: sanblascusco@yahoo.com

Located in San Blas, this friendly place features a glass-covered courtyard. Most rooms have private bath and a safe deposit is available. The owners also organize tours to the Inca Trail and do river rafting on the Vilcanota. A good lower mid-range option.

Hostal El Grial
[Jirón] Atoqsayk'uchi 594, Cusco, T. 084-223012, e-mail: grial_celta@yahoo.com

A pretty central place with a clay-oven fireplace and nice furnishings. Their rooms are modernized, spotless and pleasant and are available with or without private bathroom. Spanish lessons can be arranged here for a reasonable cost through an associated language school and there's a comfortable lounge as well as a TV room. Hot water is solar with an electric backup, and there's a balcony with views over the city.

Hostal Huaynapata
[Jirón] Huaynapata 369, Cusco, T. 084-228034, e-mail: hostalhuaynapata@terra.com

This modernized hostel is safe and friendly with a 1970s-style decor. It's not that far from the main plaza, and the covered roof terrace has splendid views across the cathedral and down the valley to Ausangate. Price includes breakfast.

Hostal Inti Quilla
[Jirón] Atoqsayk'uchi 281, Cusco, T. 084-252659

Small and cheerful hostel, quite a few steps up from the main square, but great value with cosy but by no means luxurious rooms with or without bathrooms. There is a pretty little courtyard with a massive Andean pine tree, that makes for a nice place to read or just relax.

Hostal Mirador de la Nusta
[Jirón] Tandapata 682, Cusco, T. 084-248039, e-mail: elmiradordelanusta@hotmail.com

An intimate, cosy and superbly located place directly overlooking the Plazoleta San Blas in the artists' quarter. It has ten nice rooms, a pretty little yard, breakfast, laundry service and reliable hot water.

Hostal Rumi Punku
[Jirón] Choquechaca 339, Cusco, T. 084-221102, www.rumipunku.com

A welcoming establishment built on an old Inca temple site in one of Cusco's nicest streets. The rooms are stylish for the price with private showers and hot water. There's access to a kitchen, a patio, a comedor (dining room) and a small sitting room with a fireplace. Best booked in advance during high season. Price includes breakfast (p.251).

Hostal Suecia I
Calle Suecia 132, Cusco, T. 084-233282, e-mail: hsuecia1@hotmail.com

Populated mostly by the backpacker crowd, this hostel is set around a lovely covered courtyard. A comfortable, stylish, safe and economical option. Rooms are with or without private bath (p.251-252).

Hotel Monasterio
Calle Palacio 136, Plazoleta Nazarenas, Cusco, T. 084-241777, Fax 237111, e-mail: reserlima@peruhotel.com

Cusco's newest luxury establishment, may cost a mint, but the rooms are top class. It's a fantastic place, set around massive sixteenth-century monastery cloisters. There are tables in the courtyard where you can sip drinks and eat delicious food from the plush bar and restaurant and soak up the atmosphere.

Hotel Ruinas
[Jirón] Ruinas 472, Cusco, T. 084-260644 or 245920, Fax 236291, e-mail: ruinas@terra.com.pe

A very well-appointed option with superb rooms, many with views from private balconies down to Ausangate. Exceptionally clean, with minibars and safes in each room; there's also a fine lobby, restaurant and bar, and email and fax facilities.

Koyllur Hostelling Tourist
[Jirón] Carmen Bajo 186, San Blas, Cusco, T. 084-241122 or 225354, e-mail: koyllur@peru.com

A quiet hostel just around the corner from the Plazoleta San Blas, heart of Cusco's trendy artesan barrio [crafts quarter]. There are two floors, with rooms opening out to a pleasant courtyard garden; all with private bath. The lobby has an interesting altar and mural dedicated to the wild Qoyllur Riti Festival.

Osiris 616 Casa Hospedaje
[Jirón] Atoqsayk'uchi 616, Cusco, T. 084-234572

A ramshackle, rustic and pretty little place with occasional hot water. English, French and Spanish are spoken by the friendly family who run this hostel. There's a shared kitchen and shared toilets, plus a notice board and patio.

Pakcha Real Hostal Familiar
[Jirón] Tandapata 300, San Blas, Cusco, T. 084-237484

An excellent family-run hostel in San Blas, four steep blocks from Plaza de Armas. This pleasant, modern home has a shared kitchen, a TV room and patio, constant hot water and reasonable security. Rooms are available with or without bath. High above the city center, it's a bit of a hike, which can be testing on arrival from sea level.

Hotels in Cusco South of Plaza de Armas

Albergue Turistico
Avenida Sol,  block 5, Pasaje Grace, Edificio Sanjorge, Cusco, T. 084-235617

Affiliated with Hostelling International, this place is located in a basement in the alley on the other side of Avenida Sol from Koricancha. Rooms are basic, shared or private; breakfast for $1.

Colonial Palace Hostal
Calle Quera 270, Cusco, T. 084-232151, Fax 232329, e-mail: cuzco@colonialpalace.com

An attractive colonial building with courtyards and clean, comfortable rooms, but still rather pricey in that it's all slightly down-at-heel. Hot water guaranteed 5am-1pm and 5.30-10pm; other facilities include a restaurant, grocery and artesanía. All rooms have private bath.

El Dorado
Avenida Sol 395, Cusco, T. 084-231235 or 233112, Fax 240993, e-mail: reservasdorado@terra.com.pe

A classic four-star pseudo-colonial, relatively modern hotel. Rooms are spotless and the service is good, but the location - less than two blocks from the Plaza de Armas - can be a bit noisy.

Gran Hostal Machu Picchu
Calle Quera 282, Cusco, T. 084-231111

About two blocks from the Plaza de Armas, this hostel is hard to beat for friendly atmosphere and value in one package. Rooms (with or without bath) are set around a colonial courtyard.

Hacienda Hotel Incatambo
[Jirón] San Cristobal, 2km along the carretera [country road] to Sacsayhuaman, T. 084-221918 or 222045

A beautiful hacienda converted into a hotel, close to Sacsayhuaman and sharing some of the same magnificent views over the Cusco Valley and down to the city. Rooms are luxurious and many are set around a stunning colonial courtyard. Horse-riding is offered on their ample estate.

Hospedaje El Carmen
[Jirón] Tullumayu 860, Cusco, T. 084-231363

A bed and breakfast in a spacious house; affordable but not very central, though the slightly seedy neighbourhood is actually fairly quiet and very handy for buses to Pisac, the Huanchac station and the Centro Artesanal [crafts center] Cusco.

Hostal Cahuide
Calle Saphi 845, Cusco, T. 084-222771, Fax 222361, e-mail: hotelcahuide@mixmail.com

A few blocks uphill from the Plaza de Armas. A bit pricey but better value in low season, it's a nice place to stay with clean, modern rooms and a useful message board.

Hostal Colonial
[Jirón] Matará 288, Cusco, T. 084-231811 or 247046

Pretty basic, but clean and with pleasant service. Many of its rooms are based around an airy courtyard in an old colonial building. Bathrooms are communal.

Hostal Emperador Plaza
[Jirón] Santa Catalina Ancha 377, Cusco, T. 084-261733, Fax 263581, e-mail: emperador@terra.com.pe or emperador@nexoperu.com

Comfortable and central, its cool and quiet interior is modernized and rather faceless, with 24hr hot water, bath and cable TV in all rooms. Rates include breakfast.

Hostal Loreto
Calle Loreto 115, Cusco, T. 084-226352, e-mail: loretohostal@yahoo.com

An interesting old place on the corner of an Inca stone-lined alleyway connecting Plaza de Armas with Koricancha. The best rooms incorporate the original Inca masonry of the Temple of the Virgins of the Sun, and all have private bath and hot water (p.252).

Hotel Libertador
Plazoleta Santo Domingo 259, Cusco, T. 084-231961, Fax 233152, e-mail: cusco@libertador.com.pe, www.libertador.com.pe

One of the most luxurious hotels in Peru, set in a thoroughly modernized old mansion close to Koricancha, just a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas.

Imperio Hotel
Calle Chaparro, Cusco, T. 084-228981

A surprisingly homey hostel, given the building's exterior. Located in a rather dodgy [complicated] part of town near the Central Market and right by San Pedro station, but has water all day, is exceptionally clean and undoubtedly economical (p.253).

Hospedaje Las Buganvilias, Sra. Gloria Baush, Mz. H, Lote 1, Urbanización Mateo Pumacahua, Cuzco, tel. 084-22-3203