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Regional museum of Ica, index
(Museo regional de Ica)

Stone Age - cultures of Paracas (with deformed skulls and skull operations), Nazca, Wari (Huari), Chincha and Inca - and hair cuts

Visit to the museum of 2010, the photos were presented by Michael Palomino in 2011

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1. Entrance area

2. Stone age with hunters and collectors

3. Paracas culture (culture of Paracas)

3.1. Paracas culture in general with ceramics and weavings

3.2. Skull operations and deformed skulls of Paracas culture

4. Nazca culture (culture of Nazca)

4.1. Gods and animal drawings of Nazca culture

4.2. Musical instruments of Nazca culture

4.3. Ceramics with line drawings of Nazca culture

4.4. Nazca ceramics with vegetables, plants and animals of Nazca culture

4.5. Fabrics and weavings of Nazca culture

5. Wari culture (culture of Wari)

5.1. Ceramics of Wari culture

5.2. Weavings of Wari culture

6. Chincha culture (culture of Chincha)

6.1. The regions of Chincha culture

6.2. Ceramics and weavings of Chincha culture

7. Inca culture (culture of Incas)

7.1. Regions and talking knots (quipus) of Inca culture

7.2. Ceramics, fabrics and thrones of Inca culture

8. Hair fashions: Hair cuts of pre-Christian cultures