With criminals there is no publicity

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Stupid Peruvian women - and they don't want to learn anything

Examples of stupid and not educated women and how they are destroying their life and the life of others

And all these criminal Peruvian women mean they would be "Catholic" and "Christian"...

Summary by Michael Palomino (2011/2012)

Introduction: criminal Peruvian women and criminal criminal police Dirincri spying only the man

Peruvian women destroying men systematically
It seems that Peruvian women think that they could steal and destroy things of the men without mercy or can even intoxicate the man. There are enough examples for this behavior which is presented here in the Internet. At the same time the Dirincri commanders ask why I rejected these bitches. I just don't let rob me nor destroy me. They are so stupid, and also the women are. The spies of Dirincri think that they would spy legally. But these pigs are illegal and criminal and nothing else and they are even protecting the criminal women!

These crazy people from Dirincri are shouting "vermin" again and again. Well, this is just their company's name.

The general illness in Peru is "to damage to the foreigner". From one moment to the other the women are changing their behavior and they are 3 years old toddlers again only stealing and destroying. These cases are heavy schizophrenia, but they mean that such a behavior would be normal.

The Dirincris of criminal mass killer Alán García defending the criminal women with schizophrenia
The boss of these vermin Dirincris is Mr. Alán García, two times the "President" of Peru. At the same time he is the murderer of the country with 37 killed natives in the jungle (Pizango affair), and 20% of the captives are not guilty with the Dutchman Joran van der Sloot inclusive who never has killed anybody. Additionally this "President" Alán García was arranging something special after the earthquake of Ica (in 2007) redirecting deliberately food transports provoking provoking more suffering for the earthquake victims provoking more inflation, and the mayors did also defraud the victims of the earthquake exchanging the lists for reconstruction funds defrauding the victims exchanging the lists of applicants with lists of the mayor's friends distributing the funds to the "friends" of the mayors. In the case of Joran van der Sloot a killer gang of Alán were the culprits who killed Stefani, and Joran van der Sloot did not commit anything because the young woman was stabbed but Joran did not at all have any knife in his room. Then the causes of the murder were exchanged in the documents of the coroner and Joran was called the murder in the propaganda press. But the Dirincris don't make any progress because they never want to read the truth on my analytical web sites. García would be forced to realize that he is one of the worst criminals of the country...

This mafia of the murderer Alán García is also bothering my language school distributing lies without end about a relation to a minor girl. But this was only a help relation because this girl was slapped by three women at the same time in her family, by her mother and by her two elder sisters, and only by my support this girl reached that she can study. And one has to see clearly: a relation over a distance of 10 or even 5,000km is not possible. In this way the vermin of Alán García are lying without end. But also the girl who is an adult student now is loosing and destroying mobile phones without end yet which is caused by the deformation of her brain because she was slapped so much in her childhood. And this people from Dirincri are never making any progress because they just never want to read! For these Dirincris the career "point" destroying a foreigner is much more worth than to follow the truth detaining this Alán finally.

Healing the rotten brains is hardly possible in Peru
Healing the rotten brains of the Peruvian women is practically impossible because people in Peru think until today that sociology or mediation or constructive manner of thinking would be weak actions. Autogenic training for a correction of the manner of thinking does not exist in Peru either. They are just going on with their jokes in life. They are just going on with thefts and destruction actions of objects, they are going on with their lies and defamations, they are going on robbing the good people destroying their fame instead of learning not to loose or to destroy anything anymore in life. Also Dirincri is not making any progress because the innocent Joran van der Sloot for example is in the prison yet for nothing and the murderer of the country, Alán García, is still free walking around. García is an Illuminati, is a Free Mason, with direct connections to the Organized Crime, and he thinks he would be invulnerable.

Michael Palomino, August 8, 2015

Here are the examples of the criminal Peruvian women:

2008-2011: A stupid Peruvian woman half from the jungle of about 26 years wants to christianize her boy friend

Stupid J. with a taxi driver as daddy and with 4 pitbulls

There was a man invited to Peru to Comas District in Lima for wedding of a Peruvian, J., but

-- this family with stupid Peruvians in Comas District was revising the suitcases secretly and by this action they broke any right for privacy

-- then this family of stupid Peruvians in Comas claimed that vibrators would not be something "for Peru" and would not be "Christian"

-- this family of stupid Peruvians in Comas let suffer the boy friend in another apartment far away from the house of the future spouse and he had to wait two weeks without passing one single night with the promised woman

-- this family of stupid Peruvians in Comas had 4 dogs which made much noise (2 of them were fighting dogs), and the dogs were more worth than the future husband of the daughter

-- one day the promised woman was with the promised man breaking the norm but only for 2 hours during the day, and then she let be the promised man again alone in the night

-- and also after the "preparation course" in the town hall the promised woman let go her promised man alone in his apartment, and the fact was always that the 4 dogs they had had more rights than the promised husband

-- therefore the promised man said to himself that - when the dogs always had more rights than the promised man - then this would not be a good family to live, and he took the flight

-- then the stupid Peruvian woman, the ex promised, was going to the jungle where her mother had been born, in Oxapampa, and then she indicated to the ex promised by chat that she would be pregnant, but she never gave any proof, and after 2 months she lost the fetus as she indicated, but she never sent any proof

-- then the ex promised man went one time himself to Oxapampa for another meeting for a reconciliation without the stupid taxi driver parents and without the four dogs, but the stupid Peruvian woman who in former times wanted to christianize the man, she did never come during 11 days of waiting time, and then the man returned to Lima

-- and one has to know that this stupid Peruvian woman went also to Lima for hormonal cure as she said, but she did not say to the ex promised that she was in Lima, or she said it only 2 days before she returned to the jungle

-- and then there was another occasion for a reconciliation but the stupid Peruvian woman from the Oxapampa region wanted to transport furniture from the jungle to Lima and wanted much money for that from the ex promised man, but the ex promised only wanted to see her for a time to see if the relation would come out or not, and then the ex promised did not trust any more to this stupid Peruvian woman who always wanted more and more money and then she stayed in Oxapampa region

-- then - according to the stupid Peruvian woman - a Spanish tourist came to the Oxapampa region - as the Peruvian woman said - playing with her and she got a baby from this tourist but the tourist had gone without leaving any address or correct telephone number in Spain because he had indicated a Peruvian mobile phone number

-- and at the end this stupid Peruvian who wanted to christianize the ex promised and had rated the 4 dogs more important than him, and who had not come during 11 days to Oxapampa when she had been in this region, now this woman was begging for money for her Spanish baby. But she never sent any proof that there was a baby...

-- when she indicated later that she was working in Lima as a hairdresser and I wanted to see her for a haircut, this stupid woman was asking: Why?



2008-2011: A stupid Peruvian woman from the jungle from Iquitos only wants to manipulate her husband

Stupid C., a bride

There was another stupid Peruvian woman, this time from the jungle from Iquitos, C. She liked to manipulate men for receiving money. She liked to manipulate the men with a good photo in the Internet forum so she got money, and I believe that she made much many with it. As a well loved woman she got 1,540 Swiss Francs in advance sent by Western Union, the proofs exist.

But she wanted to manipulate more: During the wedding preparations with the European man she wanted to manipulate her future husband more and more:
-- she wanted that her future husband will finance the shop of her sister Mi. which was not profitable, a "finger nail saloon", because her "boyfriend", a doctor, should be discharged
-- stupid C. always indicated that she liked lacquers, painted finger nails, and perfumes whereas they are toxic provoking cancer, and he wanted her without painting because painting the skin always is damaging her skin, and he always indicated that it harms
-- stupid C. indicated that her future husband would be a "fool" and this was not acceptable any more any way
-- stupid C. began to abuse my money because she always indicated that market halls were dirty and she always wanted to go to expensive restaurants, above all with other groups
-- stupid C. indicated that the personality of the future husband would be a "chaos"
-- then was a separation and a reconciliation, but the women had not been developed more intelligence
-- at the end the crazy women organized a wedding festivity as a "surprise" for the future husband from abroad, and the husband had to pay whereas this festivity was only a torture with the maximum of volume and the crazy girls indicated that this would be "normal" in Peru. Therefore during the wedding I had to state that my opinion did not count any more when I spoke with my spouse - whereas I was paying everything.

There was a waiting time that the crazy Peruvian girl would adapt to the husband when she would be with him. But the contrary was the case. She did not give any caress any more, had such long finger nails so she could not touch her husband tenderly any more, she was continuing with perfumes and lacquers, and she practically did not know anything about variations in sex life and wanted to masturbate without saliva. She turned out absolutely horrible, did not want to learn anything, and there was not only psychological violence, but there was also corporal violence. But crazy C. did even other things:

-- she got 500 Soles per month for food and other things, but she abused this money paying a depth of 300 Soles as she said, and then she wanted more, and this is theft and she proved that she was mentally ill, and add to this there was no control at all of this because she did not present any proof of this alleged depth
-- now she also did not want a big family any more
-- but her sister Mi. (another crazy woman) wanted from C's husband that he would purchase an apartment in Lima
-- so, stupid C with her sister Mi. were crazy and indicating how the husband had to use his money for them for a motor bike, for a trip to Europe, for purchasing a house etc., but the husband had clearly indicated that he would never return to Europe because crazy European justice there did not accept any logic science of him
-- and therefore he said at the end that they should look for "another gringo" for their projects and only a big psycho terrorism came out with this relationship.

When the European husband had to make a trip to Ecuador getting his visa and was coming back, the husband now turned out as an independent person and was not dependent of stupid C. any more, but she was going on with manipulations, and
-- stupid C. had abused 100 Soles as a gift for her "mother" in Iquitos without asking me before, and one more time there was no control of this
-- so, from the 500 Soles for one month stupid C. had given away 400 Soles during 10 days. This was the proof that she was absolutely ill, mentally ill
-- and stupid C. was always with horrible perfumes in the bed and this did not at all please to the husband because these fumes were toxic and she knew this and now the relation was breaking.

The husband did not accept any more this relation which only was against him, and there was a little fight and there was only psychological terrorism and at the end the wife left of Lima and went to Tarapoto - as she said.

A separation was declared and when one year later there was a moment for reconciliation the separated husband sent her 500 Soles for a flight from Iquitos to Lima but this stupid Peruvian woman C. from the jungle from Iquitos abused the money "for other things" for "courses" as she said.

When there were two years of separation it wold have been easy to make the divorce and the husband wanted to give her 999 Soles and three months free hotel and food arranging the divorce in Lima, but now the stupid Peruvian woman C. from the jungle of Iquitos did not want to collaborate either but she was playing a poker game against the husband now requiring a sum of 40,000 Soles for the signature of the divorce, and when she was warned that she had abused 500 Soles for a flight for a reconciliation she lowered the required sum to 20,000 Soles. Well, she went on provoking provoking only big harms requiring a big profit getting from the foreign husband.

At the end this stupid Peruvian woman was lowering the required sum to 10,000 Soles (about 3,000 Dollars), and I offered 3,000 Soles (about 1,000 Dollars) and free hotel and free food during three months in Lima. For me there had been an expense of totally about 7,000 Soles for this stupid Peruvian woman from the jungle, and she had had the possibility to work in Lima getting another income for 3 months. But this stupid Peruvian woman did not want this. Add to this stupid Peruvian justice did not work but only were performing strikes and there are not enough computers but they have meters of document files in their offices and they do not know where is which case in their offices.

At the end I had to admit that this stupid Peruvian justice only performs strikes and is not working and I gave the case to my lawyer and I have nothing to do with this stupid Peruvian woman C. any more - and there are many stupid Peruvian women like her.



2008-2009: A stupid Peruvian woman of the jungle (appr. 40) is pretending to be a "widow" with a son being from Ancón

Stupid Trini, a neighbor with defamations without end against me, this was only a fight or her side

There was a mother Doris (Trini) and a father with a son Kevin, and they had a project: The mother Doris with son Kevin should live with a "friend" Maria in Jesus-Maria working for a state's ministry (Senamhi, observing weather). They worked as cooks: They prepared the food for the ministry in her kitchen and then the food had to be transported in big pots to the ministry in a taxi. They always indicated that the father of Kevin had died and that Doris would be a widow, and therefore rich persons should give them money or at least the boss of the ministry should give her work. They also indicated that Doris with son Kevin came from Ancón District, a peripheral district of Lima, about 30 km from Lima Center.

And now these two women Doris and Maria were terrorizing the other neighbors in Jesus-Maria in the house of Huiracocha street no. 1386, and all other taxi drivers, and all children in the street were also indicated: The mother of the son would be a "widow". But after a phase of music terrorism against the neighbors with racist music of "Grupo 5" always singing about illegal activities like smuggle and pirates

-- there came out that they were too many people in two rooms with 5 persons instead of only 3 persons, and a visit should not only last 3 months but should last for ever and these persons Doris and Kevin did not want to leave any more, and Maria did not want to kick them out either, but she wanted that some neighbors would leave the floor (me)

-- and there came out that this mother which was a "widow", Doris, she also slapped hardly her son, and this did not at all please to the neighbors

-- and there came out that this mother which was a "widow", Doris, was not from Ancón but she was from the jungle and had not seen hardly any college

-- and there came out that all these indications being a "widow" was a great lie when Kevin was asking when he could see his father again

-- and at the end Doris was no "widow" any more, but she had to leave the floor with Kevin going back to the father.

Now stopped this psychological terrorism and this music terrorism of this stupid Peruvian woman from the jungle without hardly any college schooling, and Maria could cook in the ministry itself.

This stupid Peruvian Doris (Trini) was my neighbor in Lima in Jesus-Maria district for 1 1/2 year.



2009-2011: A stupid Peruvian woman (23) from the jungle wants to "go up" the "stairs" with criminal activities

Stupid viper and rat SIJM - one can read why it was that extreme:

There was a stupid Peruvian girl S. from the Peruvian jungle from Puerto Maldonado who had a dream to "go up" the "stairs" by relations with the "man". And therefore she was working in hotels and in houses where she was cooking and cleaning well, making the beds and she waiting for her prince. And when this prince came she would not be poor any more but she hoped for an impresario or a millionaire, she thought as a stupid girl.

The main thing with this woman was that she had a mental damage and could not combine things because she was dreaming since her youth that there would be a prince, and she did not learn much. She knew a good boy friend and they were in Jesus-Maria in Lima, and this boy friend was paying her a secretary institute for learning being a secretary in the Cimax Institute in Lima, with uniform and all. Uff, this woman had purchased high heels without saying it before to her boy friend, and she lost mobile phones and she did not know how to separate the herbal garbage etc. There came out that this stupid Peruvian woman had no mental capacity to learn the boy friend's style, but she liked to abuse his money many times, she could not manage complex problems, but she was playing many times with the feelings of her boy friend. And when the boy friend was defending himself, she was shouting "stubborn" against the boy friend. She also was interpreting many actions in her own way without asking the sense of the actions.

And add to all this she liked to borrow mobile phones of other persons, and her envy was that big so she was controlling the mobile phone of her boy friend, and when she found messages of another woman but far away in Oxapampa in this mobile phone of the boy friend, this stupid Peruvian woman of the jungle of Puerto Maldonado made a big theater and add to this she indicated that she had dreams with crocodiles. When the good boy friend said to her that she should go to a psychologist for an arrangement of her energies and for an arrangement of her envy, she indicated having been there, and  this stupid Peruvian woman of the Peruvian jungle of Puerto Maldonado indicated that the psychologist of Cimax Institute had said that the boy friend was a "crazy". She did not want to indicate name or family name of the psychologist because the truth was that she never was with any psychologist, but it came out at the end that she only had been with a Christian neighbor of the house making intrigues. But the boy friend had payed all for the girl, and now he was called a "crazy" man - as it seems this was the girl's spirit of the house owner of Jesus-Maria in Marquez Avenue. The boy friend did not know that this was an intrigue, and therefore he did not accept anything any more but indicated that now the girl had to leave the house because in this way would never be a good relationship. This crazy Sandra was criminal.

Being kicked out of the house this stupid S. also was robbing a laptop - and this was the second great intrigue, this robbery was organized in collaboration of the old house owner, Violeta - and then after 5 months there was another reconciliation and a change to Trujillo but also this came out badly not only because stupid S. could not manage her health, but because there came a totally deformed baby which was living for only 4 days because lungs were missing, and it was not possible to live with such differences any more, and it came out later that the deformation of the baby was because of a nose operation which the boy friend had never wanted but she had wanted - but the narcotics had damaged the fetus badly during the first three months of the pregnancy which she did not want to know always indicating an irregular cycle... It was not possible to live with such differences any more, and now the girl made a total scandal cutting her hair in Trujillo and whole Peru was informed by the corrupt "Security Guards" and by the corrupt "National Police of Peru" that the foreigner had a girl without hair - and they gave the guilt to the foreigner. And another time is pleased to the stupid girl S. to manipulate whole "Security Guard" and "National Police of Peru" against the foreigner.

The friend gave a big compensation now for psychological support, and he also gave money for a flight to the jungle and he payed a complete year course for learning secretary for an independent existence. Now the reality was another one of course: The money for the flight was abused for the construction of a little house on the roof of a good neighbor, and a big part of the money for psychological assistance was used for purchasing things for the house.

But in 2011 when the two again wanted to live together, now as brother and sister, and when they were living for 3 weeks in August 2011, there came out that this stupid Peruvian from the jungle from Puerto Maldonado - stupid S. - not only had never been with any psychologist two years ago, but that she had been with a neighbor increasing her anger of her envy manipulating the whole district and the whole town against the boy friend in Jesus-Maria - only because of some messages in a mobile phone. And the stupid Peruvian woman of the jungle of Puerto Maldonado one more time was making espionage in the mobile phone of her "brother" and one more time there were messages of the stupid girl from Oxapampa region, now begging for money for a baby of the Spanish tourist, and these messages were already 3 months old. And when the brother said that he would make a trip for 10 days, this girl S. had another great fury and kicked her "brother" out of the house.

And add to this there came out that stupid S. had defamed badly her prince for at least 1 year by a criminal text in Facebook indicating that her boy friend would be a "Hitler" fan etc. pp.

And add to this there came out that stupid S. let sicken her brother in her apartment without warning that the furniture had to be changed into another position. She had no idea who to manage the health of the brother - and how would be possible having another baby when she was not capable to maintain the boy friend's health?

Add to this came out that the baby of 2010 was deformed by a nose operation and the narcotics had damaged the fetus when stupid S. did not want to know that she was pregnant.

This stupid Peruvian woman from the jungle S. was that crazy. Therefore she had to look for definitely another "stairs".

The criminalities of this woman S. from the jungle (Sandra Isabel Jara Maucaylla) really result in a long list:

-- theft, organizing theft, defaming the boy friend with manipulations of the neighbors against the boy friend
-- exaggerated envy and scandals
-- strong and criminal defamations
-- manipulations with the police and with the "Security Guards" against the boy friend
-- manipulations with a faked "psychologist" against the boy friend
-- money abuse which was for the psychologist.

Conclusion: Sandra Isabel Jara Maucaylla has
-- a character of viper and rat.

-- she is making espionage of cell phones
-- she likes to lend cell phones just for "a moment"
-- when the boy friend knows other families with babies, this is a reason for envy
-- purchasing a pipe for a baby is a reason for a scandal
-- instead of healing with a psychologist and developing more tolerance in life, she is organizing revenge and abusing the money which was given for the psychologist, and she does not want to accept that she has psychological problems, but she thinks that she is normal
-- advice of the foreign boy friend do not count but the "girl friend" or the Peruvian "neighbor" is counting more and they are installing their maneuvers against the foreign boy friend
-- even "to know" another woman is qualified as "infidelity" for this stupid crazy envious Peruvian woman from the jungle
-- and at the same time this stupid crazy woman from the jungle is also playing with the risk of life: She does not take serious medicine and health, and she does not take serious an influenza nor when it's with her or with another person, and she let develop an influenza until she had a heavy pneumonia, she does not know any prevention, and about healing of diseases she does not know anything, and when the foreign boy friend had an influenza and does not want to make love any more because he has to get healthy, then this is also qualified as an "infidelity"
-- this criminal woman from the Peruvian jungle is generalizing all until there come hallucinations with interpretations of the boy friend's actions without asking anything, and she is interpreting messages in the cell phone of the boy friend without asking, and by all this the hallucinations and craziness and her fury are without any control until there is violence (which is principally the "normal" mentality in Peru)
-- this criminal woman from the Peruvian jungle wants to be a unique woman of the world not accepting that there also other women, she is in a complete craziness which is typical for Peruvian women who don't know anything about life, because the Peruvian colleges do never instruct anything about life, and the women then do not accept any instruction with psychological help (for example there is missing the important book by Fromm "Art of Loving")
-- the criminal woman from the Peruvian jungle is manipulating the police and the Security guards against the ex, and suddenly the whole Peruvian state is a giant viper, because the stupid Peruvians in the police have no good schooling either, and in the Security guards not either, and they let manipulate themselves without asking the other side, and therefore whole Peru with it's police and "Security guards" are in a complete craziness and are mentally ill
-- at the same time this criminal women from the jungle is manipulating the people with the trick of "pity", and they are helping her and give her money
-- she likes to abuse money for other things
-- she cannot manage complex problems because in the jungle they don't want to solve complex problems
-- all in all the actions of this stupid crazy woman from the Peruvian jungle are a giant criminality with hard violation of intimacy of the foreign boy friend.

The final point: Breast and bottom were also manipulated - and they reduced their volume step by step
But the final point was this one: One could observe that her body was always less and less attractive, that her bottom and her breasts were always reducing more and more volume. At the end stupid Sandra was confessing me that all had been manipulated by "exercises", and that she did no "exercises" any more and had not said anything to me about this. So, I had to recognize that also her body was a big lie - and I had no interest to live with this lie any more.

And now the National Peruvian Police and the "Security Guards" are pursuing the foreign ex boy friend with defamations of this viper and rat Sandra Isabel Jara Maucaylla, they installed spy centers and are wasting millions against this foreigner for NOTHING, indicating that the foreigner had left his girl friend "because of the bottom", instead to use the money for a betterment of Peru. This police and "Security guards" of Peru are not better than the girl and they are manipulating hotel owners, drivers, house owners and other persons.

This relationship had a time of 2 1/2 years, with big interruptions.

One can only warn from any contact with this stupid and criminal woman from the Peruvian jungle, Sandra Isabel Jara Maucaylla, because the contact can turn out at any time into a disaster because the woman is crazy. And add to this one only can recommend to the police and to the "Security Guards" of Peru to use more precise methods of working not giving the guilt to foreigners any more when there is no guilt of them.

Delicts of the jungle woman Sandra:
-- theft, organizing theft, defaming the boy friend with manipulations of the neighbors against the boy friend
-- exaggerated envy and scandals
-- strong and criminal defamations
-- manipulations with the police and with the "Security Guards" against the boy friend
-- manipulations with a faked "psychologist" against the boy friend
-- money abuse which was for the psychologist.



2010: A crazy Peruvian woman (appr. 36-40) does not know anything about her body - and even does not want to know anything

Stupid Helena, this was a relation of only 1 week.

A woman of 36 or 40 years with a big talent of forgetfulness wanted a relation with a man in 2010, but

-- she did not know anything about her body

-- whereas she was mother of two children already

-- and she always put lipstick whereas her boy friend did not want this and he did not want chemical kisses

-- the stupid Peruvian woman only let work the man in the bed and she was not moving at all but she thought that in that way she made happy the man

-- add to this the stupid Peruvian woman did not know how masturbation goes and did not want to know it because she always said that "I am humble" and I don't want to know anything about "this"

-- but this stupid Peruvian woman was living in a big city at the Peruvian coast where is Internet in almost every second street and reviews about love can be bought also there...

-- the one child was from one father, and the other baby was from another father and the second father was working in Italy as she said but she did not organize the aliments for the baby but wanted that the boy friend now would pay for the baby of the other Peruvian in Italy and the baby should not know her real father avoiding quarrels with the real father about the child - and this real father did not know at all that he had a daughter here - she indicated

-- another day I saw her with her baby and we were in a self service restaurant and she asked me what I wanted to drink and I indicated clearly "a tee" - but stupid Helena came with a café which does not please to me.

This relationship did not last more than 1 week, because this stupid Peruvian woman did not want to learn anything.



2015: A stupid Peruvian woman abusing her baby and putting garbage to the neighbor's doors

Let's call her Gisela Loca de Basura

This young Peruvian woman, lets call her Gisela, was about 25 years old and she was my neighbor in Comas in Lima during 6 weeks. She indicated that she was working in the beauty sector with face masks etc. and would come from Chosica. She had a baby, lets call it Gabriela, and she was blaming always all guilt to the men and her family would not help she said. She lived in a little stuffed room and rejected any help at the same time. Instead of this she was putting her garbage regularly to the doors of the other neighbors, one day this, one day that neighbor ordering that the man should take down her garbage. Thus the whole house knew that this mother was in a big trouble. Really, I never had such a stupid and at the same time arrogant neighbor like this Peruvian woman - let's call her Gisela.

In the corridor was a cupboard full of old things, just before the room's door of Gisela. In coordination with the administrator I prepared this cupboard for this woman for her things so she would have less things in her little room. But Gisela rejected the cupboard with an attack of rage: "I never told you to prepare the cupboard for me."

The behavior with her baby was briefly said dreadful with the exception that she did not hit the baby - in short words, the mother wanted that her toddler of 1 1/2 would be already 7 years old and therefore the baby was almost always overcharged and crying:
-- the mother let walk the baby until the baby was tired and sleeping and then she had to take the baby reluctantly on her arm - the advice to take the baby on the back purchasing a baby rucksack Gisela rejected - but for a buggy she had the money with which she was always blocked in Comas because the sidewalks in Comas are not made for buggies and not at all the sidewalks where she lived
-- Gisela regularly shouted at her about 1 1/2 years old toddler locking up the baby in her little stuffed room. This situation provoked little accidents without end in the room because a toddler is in the experimental phase yet. Gisela did not know about toddlers phases as it seems but was only shouting the toddler Gabriela regularly again and again: "Why did you do this?" It seems that mother Gisela had never heard about the experimental phases of toddlers regulating this situation simply by putting the precious things in the higher levels so the toddler cannot touch them.
-- mother Gisela was hindering any positive mental development for the toddler. She never praised the child or sang a song with the child, she had not the spirit for that
-- mother Gisela was also rejecting to buy toys for her toddler, and when the neighbor was purchasing a rattle for the baby then mother Gisela was even rejecting the rattle in a fury. So the explanation could never been given that the rattle noise is a remembering of the noise of the blood circulation in the mother's body. When I put the rattle on one of Gisela's furnitures in the corridor and when the toddler detected the rattle touching it and making the sound enjoying it the mother prohibited the toddler to touch the rattle. When I indicated the mother that this rattle would be for her toddler and only cost 3 soles (1 dollar) the mother got another attack of rage.
-- when mother is doing something also the toddler is doing something. This principle this mother did not want to accept. But a toddler is learning with the principle of imitation of actions. But mother Gisela was urging the toddler regularly to be standstill not moving when the mother was doing something. That means that mother Gisela wanted that her toddler would be already 6 years old. Also this mental overload was ending with "accidents" regularly and with the screaming of the mother "Why did you do this? What did I tell you?" and with a crying toddler.

In this way the toddler was crying and crying without end - let's call the toddler Gabriela - and the toddler never knew what it had done wrong because a toddler cannot distinguish the things which is of value and which not. This child abuse was reported to the administration. It was not important for him because it was already fix that they would leave the house. My indication that every child has got the right for a medium intelligent mother had no effect. Children's rights are not known in Peru.

Additionally the toddler was calling her father again and again with "Papa, papa". Instead of walking around in the house and making a play of searching each other or showing male neighbors as "papa" the mother only said: "There is no papa." In this way the toddler was crying up to 30 minutes calling "papa, papa" and was almost hoarse with it.

Peru has no children's rights. Just because of lack of intelligence of the parents many children cannot develop intelligence and until today Peru is loosing much because there is a childish schizophrenia with mass destruction without end.

The delicts of the mother - let's call her Gisella Loca de Basura - are
-- this mother did not solve her psychological problems BEFORE having a baby - the problems have to be solved BEFORE the founding of the family
-- negligence of a toddler by not purchasing the basic elements of a children's education (little toys and baby rucksack) and shouting without end - this is a clear psychological child abuse and torture
-- no further education concerning child education whereas we live in the Internet era and there is any possibility for further education in the Internet.

The state's crime: children's rights for a non-violent children's education do not exist in Peru

Books about children's development are hardly known in Peru. Also a web site how handling children for more intelligence (in Spanish) had no use. The text was printed and given to the administrator but the text was not given to the mother which had the right to develop intelligence. It was not important to the administrator if the mother would develop more intelligence or not. With only some tricks the whole suffering situation for the child would not have happened. Instead of this the neighbor - let's call her Gisela - was putting her garbage into the corridor up to the end of her stay. What sign this behavior is I don't know, may be suffering from an abuse, from a mistreatment, or even drugs. Probably also the origin from Chosica was a lie.

The main shortage in this situation is that there are no books in Peru about child's development. Education Ministry of Peru is not able to give this basic information to the Peruvian population in the whole country how to educate a baby and a toddler without violence and without frustration. But only about 5 or 10 pages of information would be needed for this basic information. But even this is too much because the rich working in the ministry don't want to have anything to do with the poor, and the poor never accept anything from anybody...

Criminality of the Peruvian state:
-- not giving any information to the population about educational tricks to handle babies and little children without violence and without pressure.

Here is the web site handling children for more intelligence in English:

People without brain cannot learn anything because brain is missing. This fact was confirmed again in this case.



August 2015: Young woman wants to live without receipts

Stupid J., a woman wants to live without receipts...

Victim of a beating mother
J. a young woman is 22 years old and is a victim of a beating mother and she slapped also her brothers and sisters much. At the end in February 2015 J. a young woman claimed with other family members that beating would be "tenderness" ("pegar es cariño"). Well, mountain population of Peru is often like this today yet. There is even the basic guide line like this: The more I slap you the more I love you ("Lo más te pego lo más te amo"), but this is absolutely criminal of course. Every beat is a trauma for the soul of a human, above all when the victim is a child which is anyway smaller than an adult person.

Wrong pride by disco and parties
This slapping education in Peru is "balanced" with much disco and party so the young adults are developing an almost unbreakable pride. And such people don't want to accept realities then. J. a young woman was destructive, she was laughing when she was destroying something, and she was agreeing yet slapping people for fun.

The courses - and receipts are NEVER coming
She should learn to drive a car and at the same time she should pass a psychotherapy for not committing mistakes during driving. But now the hook was coming: J. a young woman did not want to accept that there are receipts in this world for hindering fraud or as a proof for a payment. At the end at the beginning of August 2015 I was waiting for three receipts for three courses which I had payed to J. a young woman but she was never showing any receipt, also after 4 weeks not. She was not even taking a photo of the receipts for proving me anything. The courses were
-- driving
-- psychotherapy
-- and something else.

After 4 weeks without any receipts I had to stop the payments for the courses and J. a young woman was taken by complete surprise. She had always promised receipts but never shown any. Then she was presenting me a photo from a receipts from her driving course but this receipt had no letterhead. The company was missing on the receipt. But who the hell will accept a receipt without company?

Peruvian psychotherapist
After a session I gave J. a young woman one more opportunity for another psychotherapy at another location. Until today also there is missing the receipt. Instead of the receipt she came with the wish for a dance course because the psychotherapist had said that one should fulfill oneself a wish. I said to J. a young woman that she was in a psychotherapy because of other reasons but surely not because she needed a dance course. When there was missing any receipt yet I advised her to ask the psychotherapist if receipts for courses are important when a third person is paying the courses. Dance courses and festivities she had enough already. The matter is bettering the brain correcting misconduct. By dancing and festivals NOTHING will change. So the driving course was stopped. Motor bike would be the only possible for this mental misconduct, but she does not want to learn motor bike. This is "too low" for her.

It seems that Peruvian women really only learn when a Peruvian psychotherapist is telling them the truth. Wrong pride is installing racism against foreigners who are never believed and are never taken earnest because. Perhaps there will come the first receipt some time.

In Europe already 10 years old children learn to go shopping bringing the ware with a receipt. In Peru in the poor regions hardly exist receipts and no shopping centers at all so receipts are not taken earnest because children don't learn to handle receipts as it seems.

And all these criminal Peruvian women mean they would be "Catholic" and "Christian"...


A Peruvian mother slapping and shouting around without end - the violated mother looking for a violator without end

In the Sierra Mountains they are slapping without end and when they come to Lima they are not changing - above all in Peru

There was a family I know since 2007, these are 8 years now (estate 2015). This family came from Sierra Mountains to Lima about 30 or 40 years ago landing in Comas. The mother was slapping their children without end, is shouting without end until today, is never feeling safe with other people, has hardly any contact with neighbors, but she is slapping and shouting without end. She was slapping the children by hand, with wood, with shoes etc., often without any reason. And the big daughters were slapping and shouting against the little children then, also without reason mostly. By this behavior the more little children were slapped not only by the mother but AT THE SAME TIME also by the elder daughters.

The first son was adult in 2007 already and was founding his own family in Sierra Mountains. In February 2015 also the first daughter had left and had founded her own family in Sierra Mountains. Now the second daughter was the "first one" in the family. It came out that this daughter (now 22 years old) was stating that "slapping was courtesy", in Spanish the saying said "pegar es cariño". So the crazy mother had sold her criminal behavior slapping children as "courtesy" (!). This crazy daughter, now 22 years old, was slapping even me by hand and with an Internet cable.

Now one of the biggest crimes of Peru came out, this is the saying of Sierra people in Peru: "The more I slap you the more I love you" (in Spanish: "Lo más te pego lo más te quiero"). This was explained by another friend of the family to me that this would be "Sierra love" (in Spanish: "amor serrano"). It's well possible that this saying counts also in Sierra population of other states - for example in Ecuador I could see Sierra people how they slapped their children with green nettles. But now one has to know: this saying does not only count for Sierra Mountains, but in whole Peru this criminal behavior is applied because Sierra people simply don't want to read. They are feeling well copying the "habits" of their parents. So what we did with this family I know since 2007 already?

I even supported the family without staying in Peru

I supported mostly the medium children which were slapped the most. Even between 2012 and 2014 staying in Thailand and between 2014 and 2015 during my stay in Germany I was paying the complete school (colegio) for the last daughter. When I came back in January 2015 I was clearly teaching to the family that slapping is violence. It was stated clearly that God never slaps. It was taught clearly that also shouting at children is violence provoking fear without end. The father of the family came back from the state's hotel because he had to pass a stay there because of a collaboration with a drug dealer. And now one could watch: the mother was not shouting when the father was present, but she was going on shouting when the father was not there. So there was the question why the mother was going on shouting without end.

When I asked the father one time what book I would buy for him when I buy a book for him this father simply said: "I don't like to read". When the third daughter left university with psychology studies it came out that the students there had learnt only about their "ego" how to manipulate further their faked self-confidence during a WHOLE year. They did NOT LEARN ANYTHING about family constellations, about dramas and blows in life, about compensations, about overcoming of blows in life, about family analysis. The same daughter lost herself with the Bible and in Bible groups without concerning that big parts of the Bible are a fake and only come from Jewry and from gringo warriors and from Asia so the Bible has NOTHING to do with Peru. Bible is nothing that colonialism. In the Internet the Bible group presented herself as "more than winners" ("más que vencedores") and the Department of the interior is NOT protesting against this violation of Peruvian population with this crazy Bible...

Additionally there were more family members like the mother's sister (the aunt of the children) indicating that this mother would be "crazy" ("una loca") but they never indicated why.

The crazy mother always looking for a violator

The worst came in November 2015 then the mother looked for a "violator" yet. The crazy mother was educating the now adult daughters (20 and 22) that it would be a "tradition" that all men had to leave the room when a daughter was changing clothes whereas nobody wanted to rob the daughter anything. So it was not enough to turn the head, but leaving the room was an obligation. Confidence does simply not exist, it only exists with the bodily brother. So, imagine what this criminal mother did: this mother instructed her daughters that shouting and slapping children would be a "kindness", and she installed a psychoterrorism and defamation against all men in the house. In this way this mother was a terrorist and was educating her daughters like terrorists.

The last daughter (20) said now one day that she would change her clothes but this "changing" clothes did never finish and needed hours. In this way she was prolonging her terrorism against men. So, she was playing with the family stating that she was changing clothes but she was never changing and she stayed with a towel in the room what would not bother me - but she used this state to extort men in the house.

I was in the second room of the house with the elder son helping homeworks and principally I only wanted to relax a certain time in the house of the family as it had always been before already. But now a second "earthquake" came. The big present daughter (22 years) came now from the shower and wanted also to change clothes, and because the house had only 2 rooms I should leave the house to the courtyard where the crazy mother declared: "To be in a room with a daughter at the same time when the daughter is changing clothes one does not do that" ("ser en el cuarto con una chica que se cambia eso no se hace"). How this crazy mother should give me orders what I had to do? I always had supported this family since 2007 because they had healed my back with healing angels, but this crazy mother did not accept anything and did not want to change anything at all. So, logic thinking of this crazy mother was the following:
-- family members are not family members when they are men
-- male family members can always be violators
-- when a male family member can see a daughter changing clothes than this is already a violation
-- also when a male family member is in a room and DOES NOT SEE ANYTHING also then it is already a violation.

For example the elder daughter (22) was behind a curtain and there was NO reason to be anxious. But yes, crazy mother had instructed and the stupid ADULT daughters were following the instructions. They copied the mother's terrorism and became also terrorists by this as their mother was one already.

In February 2015 the father of the family had insured that I would be a family member and that I could consider the daughters as "sisters", and this was said in the presence of all family members - but the reality was really another one: the dog of the family was walking around with an open penis. The big brother could stay inside, but my person as a family member supporting the family since 2007 was kicked out of the house now as a "danger". So, the conclusion was only this one: this mother is mentally ill, and also the daughters.

The mother does not read anything and never goes to a doctor either

Some months before already in talks with the youngest daughter the mother had confessed already that she had slapped their children by compensation and frustration because after the detention of the father she had left alone with the children. Comas municipality had not helped either but had discriminated the family on and on, and this was one more reason for me to help this family. But there were more things with this crazy mother now:

It came out that this criminal mother does not read either. When in September 2015 I gave a book about medicine (about blood group nutrition) so the mother only  said that her eyes would "ache" when she was reading. So in November 2015 I came to the clear conclusion:
-- she did not read one single book in the last 5 years
-- she did not read one single book in the last 10 years either
-- she did not read one single book in the last 15 years either
-- she did not read one single book in the last 20 years either.

Additionally she had a heavy illness in her belly (ascitis). I had to wait 5 years until she was so kind to indicate me her blood group adapting her food. One more case was pH value which she is resigning until today stating is her body is sour or not. Crazy mother is not going to any doctor either. Therefore she remains stupid and remains with violence blocking voluntarily any development whereas she could be a manager of an old age home  with a high salary or something like that.

The last project had been that I would finance them driving licenses. Aha, they wanted that I would pay them 2 driving licenses but they kicked me out of the house because of lack of confidence respectively because of mother's terrorism? This did not go.

Considering the criminal behavior of this mother against her family who did never consult any doctor and behaving against persons who are financing the family with furniture, clothes, school fees and education classes so I come clearly to the following summary:
-- she is slapping without reason considering her children as "enemies"
-- she is shouting without reason considering her children as "enemies"
-- she is justifying her slapping actions indicating that this would be a "kindness"
-- and now she was judging about the presence of male family members that they would represent a violation in general
-- and when the father was missing than the was shouting and slapping on and on
-- when the father was present then she did not slap but she was even shouting against the father
-- and she was never consulting any doctor for concealing her bodily and mental state.

This crazy mother is not capable to organize a dentist's date for her little son even if I have payed the cost for that in advance at the dentist (!).

The mother: probably violated as a child

By all this there is really only one conclusion: this mother is not only shouting and slapping because the father was in prison during 11 years but this mother is probably traumatized by a violation within the family when she was a child and she is trying to conceal this trauma projecting this trauma against the children and against male family members. Therefore she is terrorizing the whole family
-- slapping
-- shouting
-- with criminal suspicions and rumors.

Therefore in this family cannot develop anything and this family remains blocked. I worked much with this family already but this mother simply never wants to become better and the daughters copy this bad behavior and they feel normal with suspicions and rumors against men (!). One can only let them die. At the same time these daughters have the dream to have a normal mother - but this will never be. The daughters don't want to separate from her family because they missed their daddy during 11 years. The have their dream of a "complete family". But the mother is destroying EVERYTHING and the daughters are copying her behavior. Therefore no support is using anything with them but the the daughters are even copying the criminal suspicions and calumnies of the mother.

Violations are an eternal problem in Peru - young women have to reject young men until 25 - and foreign Bible manipulations are added - and the Department of the Interior is NOT ARRANGING ANYTHING

Have a nice time. In this crazy country one can only save oneself because this country does not understand problem number 1: violations. News report clearly that there are 200 violations per day in Peru, and these are only the reported cases. Dark figure may be at about 2,000. At the same time many parents in Peru are prohibiting youths their first relationships obliging the girls to reject the young men until the girls are 25. This provokes many violations then. Department of the Interior of Peru is not arranging anything of this problem area but in Peruvian schools the pupils learn "dancing" and in TV "dancing shows" are arranged. Also crazy Bible war book with faked promises of Jews and gringo warriors from Europe and Asia is NOT prohibited until today. And the authorities let suffer the population like this until they are 25 years old whereas there is no law stating that one has to be 25 years old for a sexual relationship. Let's make a summary:

-- parents of Peru are instructed to prohibit relations of children during their youth
-- young women of Peru are instructed to reject all men until the women are 25
-- young men are developing compensation actions with soccer, drugs, drinking beer and they are never learning what a woman is, and the young women are never learning what a man is
-- and the Peruvian state permits the systematic manipulation with the Bible which is a Jewish book from Europe and Asia and which has NOTHING to do with Peru
-- but the legends of a country are representing the being of a country where is the spirit of the population of a country, and surely not the criminal Bible with wars and faked promises - and even the translations are wrong with it.

Mayors, commanders and military commanders of Peru even mean that their army would be important for more discipline in the country, but they are NOT reading any new book either but they are also staying with the criminal foreign Bible in their hands and they are also remaining with the prohibition of relationships until 25. They also believe that giving hands would provoke a pregnancy already (!). Criminal Peruvian kinky mayors, commanders and military commanders are even inventing sexual relationships when persons are living in a distance of 8,000km chatting in Facebook (!). And in this way there is no betterment with mayors, commanders and military commanders either but also the indication that an army would provoke more discipline is a fake and is only a faked promise.

Have a nice day! There are problems which I don't have, and therefore many people in Peru become nuns and violators and the Department of the Interior does not want to be responsible for it. At the same time the mayors, commanders and military commanders are looking for violators where is none, but they let free the Peruvian violators because this would be a "national action" - and in this way NOTHING is solved. The in fact fascist country of Peru with casinos, with corrupt governments and authorities and justice is celebrating on and on the terrorism against the population with rules which are never written in the law.

So one can see: crazy mother in Comas is only one case of many cases how people in Peru are suffering and how they cannot find any way out from the indoctrination of the Department of the Interior.

Of course all these people mean that they would be "Catholic Christians". Well, unfortunately they are this really. It's a catastrophe with these idiots who never see that they themselves are the problem and should change, but they are always projecting their problems against foreigners. And in this way NEVER ANY problem is solved in this country because to the mayors, commanders and military commanders of the country this country is serving and they can going on filling their pockets and they are enjoying their brothels...

Intelligence of Sierra mountain population is under animal level - example aunts

When women are using their body to kick out people from the house even saying "it's like that" then this is pure racism. Now it's also understandable why people of the coast line don't want to have anything with the mountain population of the Sierra. Sierra people are simply wild animals. Even aunts are more intelligent as Sierra people. Aunts are not fighting because of clothes, they are working efficiently and they don't believe only in one book. Aunts are not shouting and not slapping, they are not drunk, they don't consume drugs, they are not betraying each other, thee are not killing, they are not dealing with drugs and they are not kicking out other people from their home. Aunts are not loosing time with being with only one Jewish Bible gringo book and they are not loosing 1 year with the manipulation of a faked self esteem and they don't reject learning either. Sierra mountain population is really only a horror because all this they are doing! Aunts are intelligent because they know how to tidy up and how to repair things. They are not mentally ill with a faked pride as it is the case in the family cited above where complete cupboards are thrown away only because of 2 or 3 drawers which should be repaired. Aunts are not mentally ill as the Sierra population where people are killing each other because of a woman or of a girlfriend. Aunts are not kicking each other from the house either because of a towel. Sierra mountain population is simply mentally ill and mad - but then they even say "It is like this"? And women are accepting this madness? It's THEIR guilt so. Sierra mountain population is really consisting only of wild animals. Better would be when the Sierra Mountains would be populated only with aunts.

In the Sierra Mountains in Peru it's also normal to throw the garbage simply into the river or into a river bed so the pigs and dogs can look for food in the garbage and all is openly lying around. And the rich town of Cusco has no purification plant until today (2015) but the river is just a sewer down to Machu Picchu stinky without end.

At the same time the authorities with the mayors, commanders and military commanders are always looking for "vermin" ("imbéciles") in the country. It seems that in the Sierra mountains especially many can be found of them!


September 2016: a "psychology student" in Lima - the whore KRF

This whore is more a victim from abuse in her childhood because the emotional structures are destroyed and there is no moral any more because the fathers are no model for a good and constructive moral. So this victim is inclined to be a destructive whore and finds models for her "experiments" and the models instruct her how to be a whore and how to treat the world as an object. So, the result is an inhuman behavior, it's a manic and depressive and incalculable mentality of egoism without heart, a tactic concealing and robbing things or even committing frauds to men, a communication method which is limited to money and sex with alcohol, a total egocentric stress, and this provokes much stress to the others, she has mascots expressing her egocentrism, men are her victims, intelligent men she does not like, and at the end the whore is turning into a half lesbian as an expression against men.


Behavior of a manic and depressive whore, incalculable, and without heart: The slut's behavior is courteous but at the same time arrogant, anarchic, and considers the whole world as an enemy; that's why the bitch is mostly demented and incalculable, partially brute, with a hard heart, without affection, without kiss, racist, discriminatory also against relatives, intolerant, she wants to control who speaks with whom, she still wants to prohibit conversations, classifies men who is worth and who is not worth, does not help the sick, gives no praise, has no condolence, their social competence is 0, there is no tenderness, during the normal life her heart is like a stone because she rejects all the people and only her "friends" count, she does not help the sick, she does not give praise but she has an eternal envy against other people who are successful; and during the time in the brothel (e.g. at McDonald where she works and at night they make the brothel with clients) her heart is like a baby with endless artificial euphoria so that money comes out of the pocket of men. The social competence of a whore is zero (0), the bitch destroys society - and causes endless stress.

The asocial whore: the tactic of the whore hiding her life and with theft and deception: The family does not exist, they are all just objects, the whore does not give gifts but wants to receive gifts; the whore compares relatives with their clients and clients always "win"; for small goals she rejects big goals, no matter what happens around her; the bitch conceals her life to the family, they must never know where she is; questions where she is are considered "espionage"; Facebook checks what she is doing are considered "espionage"; the whore organizes robberies and frauds indicating p.e.
-- she needs money for false excursions: ask for money for food during excursions but she does not spend the money for food
-- false courses: she asks for money for a registration for the pre-university college that will never be, or
-- she asks for money for an English course that is not going to be
and she feels good as well as "victor" against men;

Punishments are not valid: no punishment matters because there are always men as clients and that is her "insurance", she has a list of 100 "clients" who will help the whore when there are "difficulties".

Now imagine that a whore does not realize their brutality of their behavior but thinks that there is no mistake with this behavior (!).

Communication with the whore for money and sex: She does not talk for days or even shuts up for full weeks. From one moment to another the whore does not respond anymore, treats men as trash as she likes. Nothing is the problem of the whore. When she speaks, this is only for money and sex; the whore rejects every other topic or project, it's not worth it; learning about natural medicine for cancer cures p.e. is nothing worth for her but is only "boring" etc. She does not realize more what is happening around her, and what is good for her she does not see and rejects the environment.

The slut's communication: she lets herself pay for beverages and drinks, she comes out as an alcoholic and with 40 her voice will be broken like a male voice. Her brain is reduced and communication is only rudimentary; the whore does not understand complex connections; only the facade, the money and the sex matter. What the bitch says is not worth the next day, she can change her opinion to the contrary in a few hours. The bitch is not available for mental strategies, but for strategies of money and pussies between the legs yes that's it.

The total stress of the egocentric whore: the bitch is calculating and manipulative, she lies more than she talks and she has to keep all her lies in her brain to remind herself to which person she told which lie; she never apologizes for lies; she has no respect for the truth anymore; lying is her mentality to survive against the majority that has common sense; the whore has no more feelings because she is always in the struggle against the human sense, because she has to leave every moral to be a whore; the whore has "women friends" who are also whores and thus form a mafia network of whores against common sense;

the bitch conceals her life to the family and hides her feelings from all over the world to organize her whore activities by organizing her girlfriends playing and cheating men; the whore is not a model for others but it is a stress because the others have to fight mentally against the destructive energy of the whore; the whore hides her money for her projects and does not want to share; and that's why she has a total stress; with the life of the whore, a change of environment comes from one moment to another, because it is depressive; by the permanent stress she has endless pimples and acne on her forehead and gastritis and headache; at the same time she forgets a lot because she manipulates so much against all the others so she forgets many things because the cerebral capacities are occupied with manipulations and secrets.

The stress of others with the egocentric whore terrorist: she does not know how to plan her life and coordinate, she has not learned what it is to coordinate, she acts only where she is working, the work organizes her relationships with making love in the bathroom and in the cleaning room; she does not help or know how to cure; she cannot keep appointments, she just wants to dominate and determine people to be here or there when she wants to come; she wants people to be always available for the moment when she comes, she is egocentric; that's why the whore is incalculable and terrorist; she puts traps, she does not say what bothers her because she uses it as a trap for a fight against the other person; all life is just a fight, the bitch is in a fight syndrome.

The bitch's pets: The bitch loves pet dogs - as an expression of being self-centered. The dog is the compensation for the guardian she missed during her childhood.

The whore plays with foolish men: the bitch plays with men, plays against men, the whore is educated to play with men, never fall in love and let men suffer when they fall in love; the whore is allowed to pay for drinks, drinks, meals, rooms, etc. The whore lies against men, lying she organizes thefts and deceptions against men; men are changeable, men are objects, she has a list with 100 men where she can go; she has no human sense anymore, heart and support do not exist, collaboration is limited to the bed with 5 minutes of work until the man's shot comes; just ask and never give something or help something; the whore classifies men by their clothes and faces and not by knowledge; the whore changes the men according to her taste of clothes and face, she is racist against many men without knowing them well; the whore wants many times too much from the men, is asking for impossible things, that is the expression of being self-centered; for the whore all life is fighting for her selfishness because in her childhood she also only had fight and tactics against the abuse activities; at the same time the bitch wants to hide all of her life, that is why she wants to dominate men and determine who can talk to who and who not; the whore does not want to accept other opinions because the opinion of the bitch is: men are objects and with these objects there is only one way: get the money - and determine what they do. Learning something from a man is not programmed in the whore's brain.

The whore throwing intelligent men away: the whore cannot accept intelligent men because intelligent men do not allow to be manipulated but they detect maneuvers, manipulations and frauds; the bitch throws good intelligent people out of her circle because they are "boring"; the bitch does not want to learn anything, she just wants to manipulate and she wants a free party with money and alcohol and sex.

The half lesbian slut studying psychology: she only studies psychology for dominating men better.

The half lesbian whore: Racism against men is so strong that she comes out as half a lesbian.

How to cure that half lesbian racist whore?
-- With psychotherapy,
-- with painting therapy,
-- with animals,
-- with sociology,
-- with safe jobs,
-- with courses that give stability as secretary or business, but certainly not with psychology.

Doing the bitch is the revenge for the bad luck of childhood and youth combined with self-destruction developing a very limited mind that does not develop intelligence anymore.

Worse than a whore - and mostly only 0 points
Sexuality is passion - but a cold-blooded life stealing, manipulating and falsifying data is worse than a whore. And that we have in this case here. A change of mentality is lacking.

Because during a control of marks at the university came out that the whore mostly did not study at all but she finished courses with 0 points then and did not tell anything about it, but she wanted to "study" a third year (!). And the secretary staff of the university even indicated me that this behavior of Peruvian "students" faking studies betraying their parents would not be so rare not learning anything with it but getting the money and making festivities etc. (!)

Cold blood - the final count of delicts by KRF pretending courses and more things (summary): damage of 10,080 soles

In total the criminal KRF has faked sums: 12x70 = 840 soles in the university 2013-2014, 12x70 = 840 soles in the university 2015-2016, 6x650 = 3.900 soles for the university invented in 2016, +300 soles for invented books, +300 soles for additional invented courses, +300 soles for elegant clothes for invented expositions. Also in 2016 she invented an excursion from her company McDonald to Ayacucho (damage 500 soles - which was a family trip), an she invented an inscription to a pre-university school with a first month to pay (damage 700 soles), and there was an invented inscription to an English course at the British Institute (damage 400 soles). And she does not know how to handle cell phones causing a damage of about 2,000 soles in 1 year 2015-2016. There is a total sum of crimes for the criminal KRF of 840 + 840 + 3,900 + 900 + 500 + 700 + 400 = 8.080 soles. In addition, 2,000 soles with cell phone coming up to 10,080 soles for crimes for the criminal KRF.

And there is a loan of 800 soles to pay back. Total total damage: 10,880 soles.

And she just does NOT go to prison because the prison system in Peru is so unfair that at the end after leaving the prison she should pay the cost for the stay back. This is brute Catholic colonialism against other cultures and this is only one element of Catholic crimes of Opus Dei in Peru. That's why the criminal KRF was not sent to prison.

With criminals there is no publicity.